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Synonyms for testate

a person who makes a will

having made a legally valid will before death

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In these sampling campaigns, Golemansky (1983) investigated psammic testate amoebae from the Estonian coast of the Gulf of Finland, and Kutikova and Haberman (1986) determined the taxonomic composition of rotifers from the arenal zone of Lake Vortsjarv.
Similarly to many other civil law jurisdictions, the contemporary Lithuanian law differentiates two ways of property transference: "Paveldejimas pagal testamentq" (a testate succession) and "Paveldejimas pagal {statymq' (an intestate succession).
All samples were washed through a coarse sieve (about 750 [micro]m) into a boiling glass and the testate amoebae and peat debris were let to deposit for several hours.
Unless the court directs otherwise, the personal representative of a testate estate [begin strikethrough]shall[end strikethrough]must, upon written request, furnish a copy of the will and all codicils admitted to probate to any person on whom the notice of administration was served.
14) Il testo del telegramma che Pirandello scrisse a Mussolini il 19 settembre 1924 chiedendo l'iscrizione al partito e che l'autore inoltro anche ai quotidiano L'Impero, una delle testate fasciste piu facinorose, e riportato in Giudice 425.
There are four main types--naked, soft-bodied, calcareous and testate each of these characterised by long, fine pseudopodia that extend outwards from a soft, cytoplasmic body (for the purpose of motility and food capture).
The effect of connectivity on the relationship between local and regional species richness of testate amoebae (Protozoa, Rhizopoda) in floodplain lagoons of the upper Parana river, Brazil.
83) However, disputes pertaining to spousal division of property, spousal support, child support, and testate succession could all be conclusively decided outside of the state's courts, (84) in front of any kind of arbitrator, according to any body of law (religious or otherwise) the parties chose.
By the time this occurs, the estate has usually been opened, either testate or intestate as the facts provide.
noveboracensis in the understory of deciduous trees in the forest reserve at Torrey Cliff, NY to document the rhizosphere (root-associated) density of commonly occurring heterotrophic eukaryotic microbes (protozoa), including microflagellates, naked amoebae and testate amoebae.
It would give the lawyers a fine time deciding what would happen should the foreigner bequeath half of the property owned through marriage to another foreigner--would such ownership through testate succession be legal?
1934) (no beneficiary takes "unless a clear interval of time between the deaths is shown to have elapsed, such that the person dying later had an opportunity to make a testate disposition of the property.
Changes in testate amoeba composition in bogs reveal changes in water availability over thousands of years (Booth and Jackson 2003).
Verkoyen could be regarded as a testate of the alchemist Bottger.
6) Shortly thereafter, in Estate of Gowling, the court extended the rule of apportionment to testate estates if the decedent's will contained no direction for payment of estate taxes or did not clearly waive apportionment.