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Synonyms for testament

Synonyms for testament

Synonyms for testament

a profession of belief

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a legal document declaring a person's wishes regarding the disposal of their property when they die

strong evidence for something

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In Peterson, the decedent had a testamentary GPA to appoint property in a grandfathered GSTT-exempt marital trust created under her husband's will.
The agreement will allow Nikko to meet its customers' diversified requests for inheritance-related services and will also enable Chuo Mitsui to expand its testamentary trust services, the companies said.
Second, the agreement cannot be a testamentary device.
Not surprisingly, the issue of the capacity required to grant a power of attorney often arises when an individual's testamentary capacity has been questioned because the testator has executed both a power of attorney and a will at or around the same time.
These trusts, which are designed to take advantage of the marital deduction for spousal transfers of property, may be structured as living or testamentary trusts.
duPont Testamentary Trust, Boeing Company, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, RCP Advisors, AlpInvest Partners and Northern Trust.
The agreement must have been entered into for a bona fide business reason and not as a substitute for a testamentary disposition.
Using the so-called "Orphan Books" kept at the orphanages in conjunction with marriage, wardship, testamentary, tax, and criminal records, he reconstructs the life fortunes of the orphans and their families and the shifting social and economic status of orphan children as a class.
Weiner Volunteerism Lecture Series funded by the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation.
This will occur unless the settlor retains a general testamentary power of appointment, giving the settlor the power to determine in his or her will the ultimate beneficiaries of the remainder interest at the settlor's death.
Trust Company) have offered many affidavits demonstrating that Doris Duke had testamentary capacity when she duly executed her will on April 5, 1993," according to the affidavit by Assistant Attorney General Susan A.
Changing the Situs of a Trust" includes suggested clauses, for both inter vivos and testamentary instruments, and examines court reactions to a petition for change when the trust instrument does not specifically provide for one.
A testamentary trust set up pursuant to a will can own S stock for two years.