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Synonyms for testament

Synonyms for testament

Synonyms for testament

a profession of belief

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a legal document declaring a person's wishes regarding the disposal of their property when they die

strong evidence for something

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There is an exception to the age requirement (but not to the requirement of testamentary capacity) for a person under 18 who is or was a spouse or is or was an adult interdependent partner of or was a member of Canada's military in active service at the time the Will was made.
For the purposes of this article, the maker's testamentary capacity is assumed to not be in doubt.
The Supreme Court also reiterated the importance of testamentary freedom - individuals should be free to decide what ought to happen to their assets on their death without too much interference by the state.
Trick argues that Hellenistic testamentary adoption provides the key to understanding Abrahamic descent and its implications for the law in the Letter to the Galatians.
A testamentary trust technically doesn't come into existence until the client's death.
To support her contention that the deceased's testamentary motivations were discriminatory, Verolin also relied on the evidence of Imogene Parchment ("Imogene"), a long-term friend of the deceased.
The terms of the trust confer upon the beneficiary a testamentary limited power of appointment (LPOA).
2) Following a three-day trial, at which a recognized psychiatrist offered his forensic opinion that Fred was thought disordered and psychotic on the date the will was made, the Honorable Jerome Eckrich held that Fred possessed testamentary capacity and that his will was not the product of undue influence.
To illustrate these issues, consider a typical trust formed under a will for an heir, for example, a parent's will setting up a testamentary trust for a child.
1, 2016, all existing or subsequently created testamentary trusts will be subject to tax at the top federal tax rate, subject to two exceptions.
Inheritance laws pertaining to testamentary freedom, trusts (entails), and estate taxes that can divide, reduce, and reallocate family firm assets have significant effects on firm efficiency and survival prospects.
More precisely, successions law--and more precisely, testamentary successions law--casts itself as governed primarily by individual will rather than by familial duties.
duPont Testamentary Trust, a new atrium lobby will be named for Fusco.
of all states simply deny children testamentary capacity.
It is not necessary that the document said to be a Will should assume any particular form, or be couched in language technically appropriate to its testamentary character.