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Synonyms for testament

Synonyms for testament

Synonyms for testament

a profession of belief

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a legal document declaring a person's wishes regarding the disposal of their property when they die

strong evidence for something

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She brings out the Testament again; it was always lying within reach; it is the lock of hair she left me when she died.
for his unchristian spirit, but he merely explained that there was nothing about Chinamen in the New Testament, and strode away to wreak his displeasure upon his dog, which also, I suppose, the inspired scribes had overlooked.
Upon the whole, then, whether we consult the Jewish policy instituted by God himself, or the uniform opinion and practice of mankind in all ages, or the injunctions of the New Testament and the moral law, we are brought to the conclusion that slavery is not immoral.
He himself translated the New Testament, and others helped him with the Old Testament, and so for the first time the people of England had the whole Bible in their own tongue.
Ruby Gillis smuggled three blue plums over to her during testament reading; Ella May MacPherson gave her an enormous yellow pansy cut from the covers of a floral catalogue--a species of desk decoration much prized in Avonlea school.
Tyndale's New Testament and other translations of the Bible.
which," he said, "let the word charity have what construction it would, it sufficiently appeared to be from the whole tenor of the New Testament.
The princess saw that in the evenings Kitty read a French testament that Madame Stahl had given her--a thing she had never done before; that she avoided society acquaintances and associated with the sick people who were under Varenka's protection, and especially one poor family, that of a sick painter, Petrov.
The Dover mail was in its usual genial position that the guard suspected the passengers, the passengers suspected one another and the guard, they all suspected everybody else, and the coachman was sure of nothing but the horses; as to which cattle he could with a clear conscience have taken his oath on the two Testaments that they were not fit for the journey.
In the Roman Lectionary, the First Testament readings were chosen primarily because of their relationship to the Second Testament selections, especially the gospel pericopes.
The Journey of Recovery New Testament and The Journey of Recovery DVD, endorsed by the American Association of Christian Counselors, will provide real hope to addicts and their families taking a first or next step in their own recovery journey.
CHARLTON -- Learn the Old Testament in a creative, interactive experience as Charlton Baptist Church hosts a Walk Thru the Old Testament live event in February.
Johnson (New Testament and Christian origins, Emory U.
We have here a wide-ranging collection of articles geared to "understanding the Old Testament texts as mediated through the New Testament, and the New Testament texts as they interpreted the Old Testament especially in relation to Jesus Christ.
The Old Testament of the bible is a major historical document from an era where not much history has been recorded.