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a cross between an organism whose genotype for a certain trait is unknown and an organism that is homozygous recessive for that trait so the unknown genotype can be determined from that of the offspring

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Inbreds should be evaluated in test-cross combinations since heterotic effects seem to be influencing performance when grown in a low N environment.
We conclude that selection for flour iron and zinc concentration in test-crosses of tropical maize, while trying to maintain test-cross grain yield constant, was effective in exploiting mainly additive genetic effects for flour iron and zinc concentration.
Kearsey and Jinks (1968) developed the theory for the triple test-cross design as an extension of Comstock and Robinson (1952) Design III.
There are no reports however, on either the theory or the application of the triple test-cross design to testcross data.
Following the triple test-cross procedure described by Kearsey and Jinks (1968) for per se performance, consider two segregating loci from the cross P1 (AABB) x P2 (aabb).
405-420) and error variances of generations involved in the triple test-cross were tested for homogeneity, using Bartlett's method (Snedecor and Cochran, 1989, p.