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a representative legal action whose outcome is likely to become a precedent

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The proposed TRNG was tested according to FIPS 140-1/2 and AIS test suits.
To find out how air flowed around various fabrics and suit patterns, Brownlie's team first fitted mannequins with test suits.
Verdict Faugheen fits all the trends but is a very short price for one who needs to prove such a sharp test suits.
There is absolutely no doubt that an extreme test suits this horse and even though there are several in the field with more class they are weighted accordingly and I feel that will be the telling factor here.
In addition, SpencerLab provides benchmark test suits to standardize and facilitate such evaluations.
Grands Crus ran much better in the King George but has yet to convince an extreme stamina test suits, so it may be worth chancing Imperial Commander despite a long absence.
00pm in which Kooga Kid can once again show how well the stiff four-bend test suits him at the main expense of Killer Keane.
The former Norfolk Stakes winner is not badly treated and might find today's test suits him ideally.