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a period of time during which someone or something is tested

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TRT analysis with a normal test period of five days for an equally spaced borefield
The programme will be evaluated following the test period, reported Reuters.
The compound rate of return for the whole test period is then compared to the return on the simple BH policy.
Finally, a required change from an alternative NAE method for the first tax year following the last tax year of the test period is also made under Kev.
The test period has been extended from the five original registrars chosen to by ICANN to include any of the 64 companies that have thus far been accredited.
A product that can be sold only to a limited category and number of customers, and only during a test period, is a product unlikely to interest potential sellers with money to make elsewhere.
Also, the postcured AEM-GI and AEM-LS compounds consistently gave the lowest compression set values over the test period.
Generally speaking, TEI believes the scope of the mediation procedure should be broadened, especially during the test period.
During the Test Period, the Fund traded at an average premium of 0.
The revised TCEQ plan will consist of a Test Period and a Monitoring Period.
Following the test period SAS says it will evaluate its experiences of the system and expand on them, based partly on the reactions of customers.
There are currently 52 other companies accredited and waiting to enter the market once the test period is over.
The same UNICAP methods used in the test period to compute the HAR must be used to compute the actual absorption ratio in the recomputation year.
Results showed that over an initial four-week test period female participants exhibited a loss in thighs ranging from one-quarter to 2 inches and a loss in knees ranging from one-half to 2-1/4 inches.
If, at the end of the test period, the IRS remains convinced that an automatic 60-day extension is inimical to the IRS's currency initiative (a finding we hope would be based not on anecdotal evidence but on a survey of all affected case managers, Appeals officers, and CEP taxpayers), it could revert to the straight 30-day rule (with extension being granted only on a case-by-case basis).