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(printing) an impression made to check for errors

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WOODLAND HILLS - Almost 50 El Camino Real High students must retake a college entrance examination because several of the school's students had access to a test copy beforehand, test officials said Wednesday.
H Constantly test copy alternatives: "Every time we mail our newsletters, we always do an a/b split mailing and test something," says Nolo Press's Valerie Dow.
Teletext client-services manager Jeff Scott said last night: "We have mocked up some test copy for Victor Chandler International which is due to be put out tomorrow, but they didn't send over their legal documentation until the end of Friday so there was no opportunity for our legal representatives to look at it and no bookings will be put to them until it has been thoroughly vetted.
It would be helpful if the compilers marked by asterisk performances that have not survived in any commercial or test copy, which is true of many records released between 1930 and 1933, the worst years of the Great Depression.
A touch-screen interface helps people save time in scanning and copying drawings, and a sample copy feature allows people to print a test copy of a document before they make, for example, 50 printouts.
Microsoft hopes to release a test copy of its Internet Explorer 4.
Nasdaq: MSFT) today shipped on schedule its final test copy for the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 95 operating system to 50,000 beta testers worldwide, confirming that Windows 95 is on track for delivery in August 1995.