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(printing) an impression made to check for errors

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Teletext client-services manager Jeff Scott said last night: "We have mocked up some test copy for Victor Chandler International which is due to be put out tomorrow, but they didn't send over their legal documentation until the end of Friday so there was no opportunity for our legal representatives to look at it and no bookings will be put to them until it has been thoroughly vetted.
It would be helpful if the compilers marked by asterisk performances that have not survived in any commercial or test copy, which is true of many records released between 1930 and 1933, the worst years of the Great Depression.
A test copy of ACM's student magazine Crossroads, translated in Spanish, and an email list of Mexican and Latin American student chapters will soon be available on the ACM web site.
First, as Zaichkowsky (1986) pointed out, we felt it was important to avoid confounding the test copy with a mixture of both high- and low-involvement products, so a single product type was used for our study instead of several.
Because we are focused on the effectiveness of verbal strategies only, we did not want the appearance of the sponsor to influence reactions to test copy.
Finally, a second pretest representative of the test group favorably evaluated the believability of the test copy as well as the appropriateness of the product attributes included.
A touch-screen interface helps people save time in scanning and copying drawings, and a sample copy feature allows people to print a test copy of a document before they make, for example, 50 printouts.
Microsoft hopes to release a test copy of its Internet Explorer 4.
If one tests the program for a couple of hours and is so happy with it that one buys a copy of the program the next morning (or deletes the copy after the test reveals that the hype on the package was just that), was the test copy a fair or an infringing copy of the program?
The test copy would be ephemeral in a similar way to the time-shift copy in the Sony Betamax case.
During halftime, Interactive Network members who played along with the game also participated in a multiple choice quiz about the Dodge Stratus spots to test copy point recall.