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fit together exactly, of identical shapes

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tile with tesserae

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Having created a covariance function with which to form the kriging weights matrix, the next task is to tessellate the region into patches.
Hexagons, squares and triangles tessellate easily and independently; however any other standard geometric shape needs a partner shape in order to tessellate.
Triangles are my favourite shape, three points where two lines meet," singer Joe Newman crooned on Tessellate.
It consists of 9,700 plastic spoons, three of which are held together with a rubber band to make a little tripod and then they tessellate an eight-foot high, three-sided pyramid," said Jill.
Led by singer and bassist Dave Monks, the young, handsome band play a more casual version of Strokes-style rock - shuffling, urgent but middle-of-the-road guitar tracks such as Your English Is Good and Tessellate.
TOKYO POLICE CLUB (above), who release new single Tessellate on Monday by way of a taster of upcoming debut album Elephant Shell, have confirmed a tour that takes in Nottingham's Bodega on Friday May 30 and Birmingham's Barfly on Tuesday June 3.
The likes of set opener Favourite Colour, Graves and Tessellate were all fantastic, before the great closing trio of Breakneck Speed, Wait Up (Boots of Danger) and Your English is Good.
Reverse engineering with software that can accept a cloud of points produced by a scanner, edit the points to eliminate stray points, and smooth model tessellate the points into triangles, merge and blend the data into a CAD model, generate surfaces from the points, edit and modify the surfaces to create a new part design.
End-to-end STP solutions experts, Tessellate Business Solutions, have chosen iWay's ISO 15022 Adapter as their primary tool for addressing the SWIFT ISO 15022 migration issue.