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fit together exactly, of identical shapes

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tile with tesserae

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all of the shapes that will tessellate and all of the ones that will not.
The crosses from the St George's flag tessellate to create a sharp effect in different shades of green", the Umbro website was quoted, as saying.
Punctation around and above antennal sockets similar to that of clypeus, but with tessellate interspaces; rest of head more finely punctured; vertex around ocelli finely tessellate, except small shiny area close to lateral ocellus.
To deal with these questions the utterances of students working in the classroom with problems in which they had to look for general relations in order to argue such things as "there is no least positive fraction" or "it's impossible to tessellate a rectangle with some kind of pieces" are examined and discussed.
Rather than cutting the panels to size, they used crisp folds to tessellate the panels in triangular planes, creating depth and dimension that change in color as sunlight moves throughout the day.
The indie quartet opened with the conveniently named Intro, leading into Tessellate and Something Good, both crowd favourites.
RF TESSELLATE Alt-J A fantastic blend of folk and electro.
Later, he would bend and mold acrylic so as to suggest topological surfaces that defy bounded-ness or orientation; or he would tessellate the work into acrylic tiles that could be organized like a raster grid.
Though some of the drawings of Haeckel are incorrect--sometimes trying to tessellate a sphere solely into hexagons, which is a mathematical impossibility--most of his drawings are more correct than any photo could ever be.
Hexagons, squares and triangles tessellate easily and independently; however any other standard geometric shape needs a partner shape in order to tessellate.