tertium quid

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some third thing similar to two opposites but distinct from both

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So wide was the rift between Jefferson and Randolph that the latter became one of the founders of the third party known as the Tertium Quids.
Tertium Quid regales an aristocratic company with the entire
The tertium quid for Cha is this alternative immigrant subject who resists assimilation into the dominant social order by refusing to speak "properly.
Ha llegado el momento de proclamar definitivamente al tertium quid barruntado desde el comienzo del Filebo.
The choreographer, in a reworked and expanded version of 2001's Tertium Quid, rolled out her own metaphorical red carpet in seven shows over two weekends, infusing the beauty ritual with a shot of high-dose mysticism.
Coldiron's book deliberately and ambitiously sets itself to treat of" a poet crossing between nations, among languages, and between literary traditions, negotiating several sorts of conflict and finally establishing a voice and poetics in English that might best be read as an illuminating tertium quid.
According to Shields, "Aristotle can fairly claim to have uncovered some logical space for analysis, a tertium quid between univocity, or definition in terms of necessary and sufficient conditions, and mere [Wittgensteinian] family resemblance" and identified its occupant as "core-dependent homonymy" (269).
Bobbio's solution was to call in the French Revolutionary tertium quid of fraternity.
Indeed it has always had this political dimension which, counterintuitive though it may seem at first glimpse, manifests itself even in very the attempt to aestheticise the whole issue of representation (as in some versions of postmodernism) or to deny its role altogether as a tertium quid between the external world and the cognising mind (as in contemporary neo-pragmatism).
It is in this search that both the political economy and moral theory of Adam Smith become one such resource--a kind of moral tertium quid.
The hospitable collegium is a tertium quid, neither a collective nor an aggregation of members.
By emphasizing Rutherford's choices of gender relations, the cultural dialogue between Europe, Africa, the tertium quid that is America, and the text's contradictory stance toward mimetic illusion, Middle Passage re-presents Calhoun's and the reader's odyssey into the middle - a middle of ambivalence, in-between-ness, contradiction, and indeterminacy that Calhoun (and, one can assume, Johnson) identifies as particularly American:
In the background looms a key question: is the Japanese economy a standard capitalist one, to which the neoclassical theory of the firm applies reasonably well, is it a different species altogether, such as "laborism with Japanese characteristics," or is it some tertium quid or hybrid, more capitalist than anything else, but still beyond the ken of mainstream economic analysis?
The principal interest of the position lies in Mason's attempt to find in this apparently uncontroversial proposal a genuine tertium quid between cognitivism and noncognitivism in normative theory.
What I said in Takings is, No, there's a tertium quid, a third alternative that allows government regulation and taxation to be used to overcome the holdout problems, the public goods problems, the coordination problems.