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Her crude geometric abstraction with mismatched coloration and form liberates them from formal terseness.
We should be thankful for the variety of examples offered, with the understanding that Melbye's occasional terseness reads as an invitation for further work and future projects.
He recommended that Wilberforce "attend to conciseness, terseness, appositeness in your English and Latin," saying, "It should be a distinct exercise with you.
Theodore, known for his terseness, often pauses, in these commentaries, to elaborate on certain themes at length, giving the reader both a sense of the topics he finds important and the substance of his opinions about them.
The text here makes no direct statement on the faithfulness of Abram's response, but the terseness of the narrative implies a surprisingly modern understanding, one I term "Jamesian belief," with reference both to the New Testament epistle and to the modern psychologist.
Personally, I have always associated Mac Low's Cagean commitments with a certain terseness and austerity, but poems like Number 87 ("A Stable Person") are positively garrulous, tempering Cagean proceduralism with Steinian improvisation: "Staring at the blackboard who is listening to thought as a window sphere / the color of notes on a page a maze that's falling into letters appears as light.
Stylistically, there are occasional lapses, which are characterised by a postmodern 'fruitiness' (45) or a vatic terseness.
Early in The Maltese Falcon, Sam Spade, ordinarily prone to verbal terseness, relates an odd story about a missing person case.
The turning away from any terseness and the return to traditional techniques is not only characteristic of String Quartet No.
In its pacifistic tone, terseness and poignancy, "If War comes .
He is essentially a romantic and his poetry normally has a mellifluous quality, talking now of the beauty of a moonlit night and then a sunny day in winter, but it acquires a certain amount of terseness when faced with the harsh realities of life.
Horner, in contrast, defended his position with increasingly tight-lipped terseness, clearly offended at any suggestion his team are dominating the Championship because they have somehow bent the rules.
In verse 55, it is inaccurate to translate zalla as sin and there are just too many words in used here; this significantly contributes to its failure to capture the terseness of the original; compare Stetkevych's translation with that of Murad's: