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Theodore, known for his terseness, often pauses, in these commentaries, to elaborate on certain themes at length, giving the reader both a sense of the topics he finds important and the substance of his opinions about them.
The text here makes no direct statement on the faithfulness of Abram's response, but the terseness of the narrative implies a surprisingly modern understanding, one I term "Jamesian belief," with reference both to the New Testament epistle and to the modern psychologist.
Personally, I have always associated Mac Low's Cagean commitments with a certain terseness and austerity, but poems like Number 87 ("A Stable Person") are positively garrulous, tempering Cagean proceduralism with Steinian improvisation: "Staring at the blackboard who is listening to thought as a window sphere / the color of notes on a page a maze that's falling into letters appears as light.
The editor's own essay on Prisoner of Honor (1991) is excellent in its terseness, but the film itself is relatively mediocre.
While this may reflect a decision on the part of the publisher to make the book more affordable, the book's terseness may have hindered Puri from sharing the full breadth of his intellectual investigations and even, in a few instances, clearly defining his terminology.
The terseness of the lyric that describes only one dramatic event: the fight between the man and his fate.
Stylistically, there are occasional lapses, which are characterised by a postmodern 'fruitiness' (45) or a vatic terseness.
If ever you need a crash course in terseness, this will help you.
Early in The Maltese Falcon, Sam Spade, ordinarily prone to verbal terseness, relates an odd story about a missing person case.
The turning away from any terseness and the return to traditional techniques is not only characteristic of String Quartet No.
First, nine words could be eliminated from the Detroit version of twenty-eight words to approach terseness serving onkos.
Given the narrative's terseness, the importance of Tiebaus's failure in the woods can by gauged by the level of detail with which it is treated.
This assumption does not affect the generality of the analysis concerning the transmission characteristics of the examined HV/BPL systems in the range from 1 MHz to 100 MHz, provides a representative picture of the real world overhead HV/BPL network situation, and is adopted for the sake of terseness and simplicity.
The earlier poems of this anthology seem more lyrical and descriptive; then the tone becomes more reflective and meditative; and finally, a hardening of feelings and a terseness of experience transpires in his major poems.
He is essentially a romantic and his poetry normally has a mellifluous quality, talking now of the beauty of a moonlit night and then a sunny day in winter, but it acquires a certain amount of terseness when faced with the harsh realities of life.