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Synonyms for terrycloth

a pile fabric (usually cotton) with uncut loops on both sides

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The small pieces are then sewn into the terrycloth.
Alternatively, if you want something that is easier to put on and take off, our Velcro and terrycloth wristbands would be perfect.
The small fashion show was a parade of lounge and beach wear: girls in hot pink sweatpants and flip flips, terrycloth mini playsuits, Bermuda shorts and hoodies covered in Superdry's mark.
The clothes were mostly sweats, the highlight being a terrycloth tracksuit for men, in J.
You'll find the usual in-room luxuries (coffeemakers, high-definition televisions, refrigerators, luxurious linens, spa showers, fluffy terrycloth robes), but you'll also find business centers, 24-hour fitness facilities, award-winning restaurants and spas and aqua pools and private marinas.
The 38-year-old, who is married to footie star David Beckham, was clad in a terrycloth bathrobe and posing by the hair and make-up counter on set.
The pack is made by pouring the castor oil on a piece of flannel or terrycloth, applying it to the skin over any painful area, and covering it with a plastic bag or wrap and then a hot water bottle or hot pad for 30 to 60 minutes.
One trick I discovered for shooting lightweight rifles off the bench is to place a folded terrycloth towel over the front rest.
Our conversation ends abruptly with the arrival to the basement of plastic babies--a dozen of them dressed in terrycloth.
To minimize the possibility of a 6-pound yellowtail shaking a hook into a hand or worse, handle fish with terrycloth boat rags (torn up beach towel variety) or heavy duty gloves.
A woman swathed in thick terrycloth tread shockingly close and paused before a monstrous, bevel-glassed mirror, taking impatient swipes at carrot-hued hair with a wooden brush.
Mantra": Terrycloth sun setting over/the old steel-wool river//The air a translucent sphere of frayed twine/the truth can be so lame//shifting forms/unchanging my hands//know what they're doing.
I believe that I was wearing a yellow terrycloth jumpsuit.
Gradation effects in terrycloth go from bright and bold to a soft shimmer.
THIS fluorescent green mit has a rough scrubby side and a soft terrycloth side for a double dose of cleaning.