terry cloth

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a pile fabric (usually cotton) with uncut loops on both sides

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We also found a really nice, blue terry cloth velour, just perfect for drying a baby's tushie.
Remove any residue by spraying on more lubricant and then buff with a clean terry cloth towel.
Concretes mixtures with marginal air contents are being tested using standard AASHTO-ASTM procedures and the terry cloth procedure.
Plate and wick method: Place a washcloth or piece of terry cloth on a plate.
It's designed to protect adult clothes and is 100% cotton terry cloth.
With shades of bright yellow and Kelly green enlivening fabrics that ranged from silk chiffon to terry cloth and velure, Roi injected the Palm Beach look with a dose of the psychedelic 60s as vampy models worked the audience, flouncing and winking, a marked contrast to their usual moribund, if not morbid, pose.
Real nappies have come a long way since the days of itchy Terry cloth and safety pins.
A dish towel is the right thickness; a terry cloth towel or bath towel is too thick.
In March 1992, four month into her stay at Southwood Psychiatric Center in San Diego 13-year-old Christy Scheck tied sash of her terry cloth bathrobe around her neck and, while sucking on a Tootsie Pop, hung herself against her bathroom door.
Made from plush terry cloth, the Marsupial[R] system is comprised of two parts, an adjustable, elastic belt and a pouch to hold the drains.
the allocation of the laundry service includes the inventory wash (flat wash, terry cloth, service and protective clothing, kitchen linen) of the client and the residents~ clothes the dirt washing is divided into: 35 % trockenwsche ( frotte- und leibwsche ) 35 % mangelwsche ( z.
Knit fabrics that have a small amount of stretch include jersey, double knit, dense sweater knits and terry cloth.
Now pet parents can spoil their furry friend with a handcrafted terry cloth robe.
Programme and enter to win USD50 gift cards (two per day) all weekend as well as receive swag bags with purchases ranging from branded nail kits, to makeup totes, to terry cloth beach towels.
The crumpled pink terry cloth rug in the installation MB (Furniture