terry cloth

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a pile fabric (usually cotton) with uncut loops on both sides

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We also found a really nice, blue terry cloth velour, just perfect for drying a baby's tushie.
The top has either a plush fleece or terry cloth surface with a water-resistant nylon backing.
now use terry cloth beach towels or other old scraps of cloth.
Exquisite thick marble covers virtually all bathroom surfaces in the hotel, while all rooms feature European-style bathtubs, with hand-held shower, a separate oversised shower, a television speaker system installed under the vanity unit (so anyone can "stay tuned"), a two-line international direct dial telephone, plush oversised towels from Bangkok, choice of cotton or terry cloth bathrobes and a pair of Thai silk slippers, in the tradition of award-winning sister hotel The Oriental, Bangkok.
One 16- by 18-inch piece of terry cloth is enough to make two of them.
The Marsupial[R] is a plush terry cloth adjustable belt and pouch worn by patients to comfortably manage commonly used surgical drains and drain tubing, while recovering from breast reconstruction, body lifts, lower abdominoplasty, mastectomy or any surgical procedure where drains are indicated.
Tenders are invited for Red Terry Cloth Superior Quality For Banner Flags On Level Crosing
Organic materials include bamboo, organic cotton fleece, flannel and terry cloth, eco-fleece and fine wool Plush and Melton.
He uses the simplest materials, such as terry cloth and felt, with a persistent and pointed refusal of meaning.
In bath and terry cloth towels, India has developed a competitive advantage because it not only manufactures the product, but also grows the cotton, Keck said.
The Work Glove has a four-way nylon back, reinforced stress points, a padded palm and a terry cloth brow wipe.
Red- and white-striped, terry cloth, one-piece jogging short suit from the '70s
At a fabric store, buy that length of 2-1/2-ounce, 45-inch-wide terry cloth (from $6 to $9 per yard).
The washable terry cloth pad's outer surface is a soft white bamboo charcoal fabric which is cuddly to baby's skin, wicks away wetness and dries very quickly after washing