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Synonyms for terrorize



Synonyms for terrorize

Synonyms for terrorize

coerce by violence or with threats

fill with terror

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They may therefore kill and terrorize virtually without limit, and without penalty.
If stopping rape is the objective, it is crucial to recognize that in the United States--as in Kosovo and Chechnya--rapists terrorize women without fear of being penalized.
Fearful that reinstating the original meaning of terrorism could endanger trade relations, the neologism terrorist state refers only to countries that support terrorist groups and not to those that actually terrorize their own people.
KARACHI, September 09, 2009 (Frontier Star): The Provincial interior minister, Zulfiqar Mirza has taken strong notice of police, of trying to extort "eidee" (money gift on Eid) out of citizens under guise of "snap checking", and issued strict orders for them, not to terrorize hapless public with their unnecessary show of power.
The 14-count complaint charges the Animal Defense League-Los Angeles of conspiring to harass, intimidate and terrorize Animal Services Department employees.
He is terrorizing the Albanians in Kosovo; therefore, we can terrorize the Serbs in Yugoslavia.
Republicans argued that modern gangs are the 21st century equivalent of Al Capone's Mafia, if not worse, because they terrorize entire communities.
On the day that three masked strangers invade the Osborne household and terrorize Jack, his sister Joanne, and their mother, Jack's life is changed forever.
Ought we worry more about terrorism now that the holy warrior who's spent the last two years terrorizing Iraq has been ordered to terrorize America?
We don't have to show that they intend to carry out the threat, that they have a knife or a gun or a bomb - only that they're trying to terrorize the victim and they have succeeded and the victim is afraid for themselves or their family.