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The members of the terrorist cell were shot dead as they opened fire at security forces, who tried to stop their car.
They received funding from leaders of the terrorist cell from abroad to set up a weapons depot and carry out their missions.
This search is part of the ongoing investigations following the dismantling this Saturday of the terrorist cell, composed of 11 extremist supporters of ISIS (Daesch)operating in several cities of the Kingdom, the same source noted.
BEIRUT: The Internal Security Forces identified members of a Daesh (ISIS) terrorist cell Monday said to be active in Tripoli and throughout northern Lebanon.
JEDDAH: Saudi authorities have arrested 46 suspected members of a terrorist cell linked to a number of attacks in the Kingdom, the Ministry of Interior said on Sunday.
They were arrested on 13 April as the ministry revealed the identity of the Tanta church suicide bomber as Mamdouh Amin Mohamed Boghdady, who the ministry said belonged to a terrorist cell operated by a suspect on the run called Amr Saad Abbas Ibrahim, who in turn holds extremist and takfiri beliefs and was previously involved in an attack on a checkpoint located in El-Naqab region near Kharga Oasis, where eight police officers were killed.
They go on a mission to track down a terrorist cell operative named Elizabeth Gubara.
Hama, SANA -- The Criminal Security Department in Hama arrested a member of a terrorist cell that had committed acts of armed robbery and kidnapping in Salamyieh City.
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / The security forces arrested a terrorist cell that was planning to target visitors in the month of Muharram.
Deeming the busted terrorist cell on Thursday as "the most dangerous" cell dismantled in Morocco, the director of the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations, Abdelhak Khiame, told reporters that investigations revealed the members of this cell planned attacks against sensitive sites, including hotels, and high profile civil and military figures.
VATICAN CITY -- Italian police arrested at least nine people in what officials described as a terrorist cell that had planned, in 2010, to strike at the Vatican with a suicide bomber.
Summary: The Moroccan police dismantled in the northern city of Fnideq a terrorist cell whose three members have pledged allegiance to the head of the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria, the Interior Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.
19 (Saba)- Military units of the second Military Region raided on Monday a villa in 60 street in Mukala, which was used as a den by a terrorist cell to carry out terrorist acts.
My favorite remains the obsession over whether the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers were slain by members of a Hamas terrorist cell or a breakaway Hamas terrorist cell, as if the minute distinction somehow absolved Hamas of involvement or make it any less of a maniacal, murderous organization.
The court on Monday sentenced Palestinian Rfat Mohammad Harb Abu Sabha to life imprisonment for establishing and running an Al Qaida-linked terrorist cell.