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The young woman is accused of communicating with a terrorist group on social networks, as well as of links with a terrorist cell in Kef," according to the source.
The other at large is Jassim Ahmed Abdullah, who has already been sentenced to 25 years behind bars, in absentia, and had his citizenship revoked following a conviction for weapons smuggling and establishing and funding a terrorist cell.
The sources said the recent discovery was "crucial" and revealed that Lebanon-based terrorist cells are seriously mulling kidnapping scenarios to pave the way for swap deals.
Mauro Mura, chief prosecutor in Cagliari, told reporters that DIGOS agents had arrested the spiritual leader of the terrorist cell, which was believed to have ties to al-Qaida.
The Malaysian man's terrorist cell in Australia also offers advice to fellow militants on how to avoid detection.
These investigations showed that the arrested men had close links with a terrorist cell that was dismantled last August in northern Morocco and in Fez specializing in recruiting fighters for the Islamic State and whose members advocate terrorist acts.
The defendants belong to a 41-member terrorist cell and the trials are taking place in Riyadh.
In a press conference this evening he held at the Officers Club in Riyadh, Al-Turki said nine of the 88 were arrested in Tamir in addition to 13 Saudis and two Yemenis who formed a cell in Makkah and Hail regions, another eight Saudis and an unidentified person have formed a terrorist cell in Riyadh, five Saudi in Asir while the rest who formed a six-member cell were, when caught, trying to build the cell in a number of regions; they are Makkah, Riyadh, Eastern and Qassim.
19 (Saba)- Military units of the second Military Region raided on Monday a villa in 60 street in Mukala, which was used as a den by a terrorist cell to carry out terrorist acts.
The court on Monday sentenced Palestinian Rfat Mohammad Harb Abu Sabha to life imprisonment for establishing and running an Al Qaida-linked terrorist cell.
Twelve Bahrainis have been sentenced to life behind bars for being part of a terrorist cell that received training in explosives in Syria, Iran and Iraq.
The IRGC's statement came after it announced on Monday that it had disbanded a terrorist cell which planned to conduct sabotage missions in various parts of Iran.
RABAT (CyHAN)- Morocco announced Saturday that a terrorist cell active in several cities has been dismantled, said in a statement of the Moroccan Interior Ministry published by official news agency MAP.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Baghdad Operations Spokesman general Sd Ma'in announced today that the military intelligence captured today a terrorist cell in Doura area, south of Baghdad.
The 14 defendants were charged with killing the four French people, threatening to shoot the French women with them, and for being members of a terrorist cell of Al-Qaeda.