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An army unit killed and injured all members of terrorist groups affiliated to "Ahrar al-Sham" terrorist organization in Talbeseh in the province's northern countryside.
The army's operations also targeted hideouts of Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in Khan al-Assal, Kafr Hamra and Zeitan, 16 km South west of Aleppo city, resulting in killing and injuring many terrorists.
One person was identified as a cell leader of a terrorist network.
For the Bush administration to claim that to spy on virtually all American citizens' phone calls, phone bills, and e-mail messages constitutes using "force" against terrorists who "planned, authorized, committed, or aided in the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11,2001" requires that a person suspend an understanding of the English language, or alternatively that the administration is afflicted with a paranoia against the people it swore an oath to serve.
Limited testing of the program will start this month and will involve checking passenger names against terrorist watch lists and other lists of personal data supplied by private companies.
Some were gunned down by the terrorists while they tried to free after explosives were set off in the school; others were killed in the ensuing shootout between the terrorists and Russian security forces.
military saying this was part of a "precision strike" on "a building frequently used by terrorists.
The Russian government has offered a $10 million reward for the capture of Chechen terrorist chief Shamil Basayev.
Terrorist attacks may temporarily heighten people's feelings of hostility, stress, and frustration, all of which may boost reckless driving, the scientists say.
Beginning with the terrorists' forays into the diamond fields of Liberia and Sierra Leone, and how money is exchanged for diamonds in order to escape the conventional banking system, readers are subsequently apprised of other avenues of creative terrorist financing.
Bush's now-infamous 2003 State of the Union speech as a "terrorist cell," the Justice Department only charged the men under an ambiguous provision of the 1996 anti-terrorism law for "providing material support or resources to designated terrorist organizations.
Defeat terrorist organizations of global reach by attacking their sanctuaries, leadership, finances, and command, control and communications;
Faced with an increase in the risk of terrorist activity at home and abroad, business owners and operators should be developing a crisis management plan that addresses terrorist events," said John Abruzzo, head of Vulnerability Assessment Group at LZA Technology, a division of The ThorntonTomasetti Group, the structural engineering firm that handled the clean-up of Ground Zero and the reconstruction of the Winter Garden.
Fired by suspected al Qaeda operatives, the Soviet-made missiles missed their target--leaving passengers relieved, and Americans suddenly aware of yet another terrorist threat.
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