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the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature

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As we stressed many times that Pakistan has made important sacrifices and contributions to the global anti-terrorism cause and the countries should strengthen anti terrorism cooperation on the basis of mutual respect instead of finger pointing at each other.
Spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry Lu Kang during his regular press briefing in Beijing said the Chinese side opposed linking of terrorism with any certain country and disagreed to place the responsibility of counter terrorism on a certain country.
The UN Counter-Terrorism Committee: Through its Executive Directorate, it provides technical assistance to states, upon request, to facilitate the implementation of the international conventions and protocols related to the prevention and suppression of terrorism and relevant United Nations resolutions.
In the upcoming consultation, the two sides will assess developments in global terrorism, share their counter-terrorism policies, and discuss a range of issues, including terrorists use of the Internet for incitement and recruitment, aviation and border security, and ways to enhance bilateral and multilateral cooperation on counter-terrorism.
While talking to the media he said corruption and terrorism are two faces of same coin.
Operation against terrorism has reduced the space for terrorists as situation has considerably improved and this fact is not only recognized in Pakistan but also at international level.
Unlike the US, Iran has practically proved to be the most serious and effective force to confront and fight terrorism," Jaberi Ansari said in his statement on Saturday night.
Terrorism insurance is offered separately or as a special addition--called an "endorsement" or "rider"--to your standard commercial property insurance policy.
In sections on definitions of terrorism, types of contemporary terrorism, and the North-South income gap and terrorism, Yizhou and colleagues discuss the historical origins and dynamics of terrorism, terrorism and international relations, characteristics and root causes of terrorism, extreme nationalism, terrorism stemming from religious extremism, far-right terrorism, cult-based terrorism, other types of terrorism, the North-South income gap in globalization, the North-South income gap and its inner conflicts in the world's economy, and why there is a rise in international terrorism.
In 2011, Iraq was the country most impacted from terrorism, followed by Pakistan and Afghanistan.
It is by now something of a cliche to note that terrorism studies today is not only a very large field of research, but that in the ten years following 9/11, more works on terrorism have been published than in all the years prior to the terrorist attacks.
With the aim of increasing international convergence and coordination in fighting terrorism and the theme "World without Terrorism," the Global Fight against Terrorism International Summit will be held in Tehran on June 25-26.
Vigilance and measures that have tightened security in Central Asia have helped keep the threat of terrorism at bay, but extremists, criminal groups and instability in the wider area mean that the region is still vulnerable, the United Nations top official for Central Asia said at a counter-terrorism meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia, yesterday.
7 -- Sri Lanka has emphasized the importance of finalizing without further delay, the negotiations on the comprehensive convention on terrorism as a vital step to complement the existing sectoral conventions.
The conference is one of the regional mechanisms established by SAARC to fight against terrorism in South Asia through the cooperative efforts of its member countries.