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Synonyms for terrorize



Synonyms for terrorize

Synonyms for terrorize

coerce by violence or with threats

fill with terror

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The teenager also terrorised three neighbours in one night in August by breaking down a resident's door with a wheelie bin' punching through the windscreen of a Nissan Micra and throwing a wheelie bin at a Rover, smashing the window.
Personally, I have had my car terrorised at least 20 times.
Their victims were terrorised at gunpoint and sometimes locked in cupboards during their ordeals.
OUR city is terrorised by four-wheeled thugs, many of them wearing suits.
A TEN-YEAR-OLD boy who terrorised his community has become the youngest person in Liverpool to get an anti-social behaviour order.
Andrew Office, 17, of Tintern Crescent, New York, terrorised neighbours; Steven Higgins, 19, of Devon Road, New York, harassed neighbours and drank in the street; Catherine Hewitson, 39, of Falmouth Road, New York, disturbed neighbours with loud music.
I feel very strongly about my wife being terrorised by people - wives shouldn't be there for terrorising.
A TEENAGER who terrorised people in Rugby has been banned from a town shopping centre after magistrates gave him an anti-social behaviour order.
The delinquent whose identity cannot be disclosed was a member of a gang who had terrorised the Caia Park Estate.
A serial lout who terrorised an estate for years has been jailed.
Elderly people are terrorised in communities they have lived in throughout world wars and church grounds are desecrated.
A BOY who terrorised a community has been banned from the area for 10 years.
A 12-year-old boy and his friend, eight, were terrorised by the pair of youngsters, said to be around 11.
Spouting blood, gore and images too shocking for the eyes of the censors, this tale of four pals terrorised by demons was promptly banned.
Raiders who terrorised the border counties of England and Scotland are to be brought back to life in a high-tec horror show.