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Synonyms for terrorise

coerce by violence or with threats

fill with terror

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If you terrorise a child in this way they will become fearful of listening to their feelings.
Their mothers, neighbours, friends will know what a danger they pose and how death lurks beside them every time they terrorise a person into submission.
The crimes they have committed should have seen them all put in prison from where they could terrorise no one.
Not that I'd have wanted to terrorise him or her, no doubt he or she was pals with my nan and a member of the Tonteg Senior Citizens and I was never really into terrorising older members of society, actually I was never into terrorising anyone at all.
TEENAGE thugs who terrorise communities are to be targeted in a fresh crackdown on anti-social crime.
Terrorists sowed targeted villages and highways in the Northern region, Muharraq and Sitra and used violence to disrupt the traffic, cripple trade activities and Eid festivities and terrorise and curb people's liberties.
In other words, a programme designed by American terrorists to terrorise America's foes.
News about unidentified flying objects, end of the world prophesies, rare terminal diseases, political criminals out to terrorise societies, economic meltdowns and murderers can effect our thoughts and in the long run, impact our well-being.
He said: "The camp has been used to terrorise the local population.
He said: "Lichfield is predominately a lovely area and the vast majority of the residents are fantastic, but there is a small minority of youths that choose to hang around shops and terrorise people and there is no law to move them on.