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Synonyms for territorialize

organize as a territory

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place on a territorial basis

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extend by adding territory

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A frontier community with diverse actors that occupy and territorialize spaces and, although they have the opportunity to interact in their daily lives with multiple cultures, building and specializing senses that lead them to diverse social perceptions and representations, opt for the singularity of riverside life.
Part XI draws conclusions about the historical attempts to territorialize Svalbard and assesses prospects for the archipelago's future mineral and living resource exploitation.
In fact my village respondents territorialize and appropriate global influences but my city respondents not only territorialize but rather re-territorialize these influences by first appropriating them according to the Pakhtun cultural expectations and then re- appropriating the cultural expectations enwrapped in education and global media influences"further proving the multiaccentuated nature of globalization.
16) only makes sense if conceived through the discussion with stakeholders about what does the territory represent, why territorialize and the role of health agents in this process.
However, the efforts of the state apparatus to territorialize the home and engineer calm and composed Cold War subjects were constantly contested.
Paasi explains that boundaries penetrate the society in numerous practices and discourses through which the territory exists and achieves institutionalized meanings: it is political, economic, cultural, governmental and other practices, and the associated meanings, that make a territory and concomitantly territorialize everyday life.
Memory is no longer confused, it has a homeland-- Says Shammas: Territorialize each confusion in a graceful Arabic.
By extension, to territorialize anything is to establish exclusive boundaries around it by warning other people off.
Together, restrictions on mobility and the subordination of those who moved without permission worked to territorialize people's relationship to space, to their labour, and to their ability to maintain themselves.
Most other areas of the declaration (re) territorialize democracy by addressing the demands to APEC member governments.
insisting that the government territorialize Senegalese public policy;
Second, she explores language rights, and the ways in which language policy and planning territorializes identity (Patrick and Haque 2010).
Further delineating the arguments brought forth in previous essays, Valerie Preston territorializes the question of ethnic visibility, comparing the establishment of an Asian shopping mall in Sydney, versus its rejection in Toronto.
The local church territorializes Christianity in the sense of giving it an analytical focus and political traction in the problems of the world.