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Synonyms for territorialize

organize as a territory

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place on a territorial basis

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extend by adding territory

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Memory is no longer confused, it has a homeland-- Says Shammas: Territorialize each confusion in a graceful Arabic.
Together, restrictions on mobility and the subordination of those who moved without permission worked to territorialize people's relationship to space, to their labour, and to their ability to maintain themselves.
By extension, to territorialize anything is to establish exclusive boundaries around it by warning other people off.
insisting that the government territorialize Senegalese public policy;
Second, she explores language rights, and the ways in which language policy and planning territorializes identity (Patrick and Haque 2010).
The local church territorializes Christianity in the sense of giving it an analytical focus and political traction in the problems of the world.
Rejecting the Intentional Fallacy Kirkby's comment betrays, interest may then turn to the way in which Kristeva's novel treated here as a laboratory for essaying the qualities of theory--is an instance of the conditions of fiction exposing the allegory of theory even as theory territorializes that selfsame fiction.
If interpellation means, as Lady Grey remarks, a "body that drifted through the word," that word marks, territorializes, delimits, and defines the borders of the body.
Further delineating the arguments brought forth in previous essays, Valerie Preston territorializes the question of ethnic visibility, comparing the establishment of an Asian shopping mall in Sydney, versus its rejection in Toronto.
Likewise, Philippe Dub, deals with the ways in which the museum territorializes culture, but in this case from the point of view of museology in the regions of Quebec.
Contract notice: Benefits to professional qualifications relating to training territorializes program training qualifications, 2014-2015 annual market under the provisions of article 30 of the procurement code.