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the act of organizing as a territory

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The Process of Spatial Reorganization in India due to Globalization: Focusing on De Territorialization and Re-Territorialization.
While ICH thouroughly espouses the many forms of cultural and political territorialization, as well as the many claims related to it, cultural heritage is nowadays both a quickly growing phenomenon and a fruitful object of investigation for the social sciences and humanities.
Deleuze and Guattari (1972) use the term territorialization (reterritorialization and deterritorialization) to describe a dynamic process between physical or psychosocial forces.
One could say that, while Vasconcelos and Paz opt to understand cultural decolonization as a territorialization of historical subjectivity into the time of the nation, Reyes firmly believes that the step that follows the emancipatory moment embodied in the smile of the slave is the deterritorialization of the new conscious subject into the space of the world.
The territorialization mostly means the differentiation of space and construction of borders.
1995 The Territorialization of the Imaginary in Latin America: Self-Affirmation and Resistance to Metropolitan Paradigms.
The territorialization of war in Mouawad's film adaptations leaves very little space to imagination, especially when the realistic mode of representation asserts identities and communitarian belongings, and when narration (what is told) is transplanted by representation (what is shown).
Notions of an unopposed monarch ruling over a united empire gave way to the realities of heightened territorialization and the power of princes and magistrates in the German lands.
Homeland Making and the Territorialization of National Identity.
However, the collection re-familiarizes readers with the global politics of place, territorialization, de-territorialization in tandem with mind's potency to transform/transcend temporal constructs.
Part of the territorialization of this area involved its portrayal as an underworld of savage Native American tribes and untamed wildlife.
The growing territorialization of politics in the united Germany poses a particular problem because it re-emphasizes the constraints of the "joint decision trap".
Adding to his explanation is a clever discussion of the political reasons for the failure of church reform: in the fifteenth century the Holy Roman Empire had been succeeding in its own internal reforms (in the institutionalization of dynastic power over feudal lands, the growth of territorial states, and the consolidation of imperial rule over demesne lands), but "the Imperial political reform locked the church into the hands of a feudal aristocracy whose growing power, the fruit of territorialization and corporate organizations, gave the princes power over the church without responsibility for it" (pp.
Katherine McKittrick (2006: 45; 121) argues that territorialization "marks and names the scales of the body" and marks the body as decipherable and knowable.
2003 Lines in the Forest: Internal territorialization and local accommodation in West Kalimantan, Indonesia (1865-1979).