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the act of organizing as a territory

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Constructed through three (un)stable sites of territorialization (Deleuze & Guattari, 1987), these data specifically feature three analytical junctures: (a) the primary participant (i.
The question of trade refers economically to the territorialization of producers and consumers.
It is obvious that in the context of the globalization of the economic sphere and the territorialization of the social, the notion of partnership has a new meaning which increasingly imposes itself as one of the social forms of social change.
The process of psycho-cultural territorialization aims to place the colonized in a pathological relationship to his race, color, identity, culture, religion and traditions.
These professionals helped to outline and integrate contents and perceptions among the subjects involved in the territorialization process.
However, territorialization is unstable, and competition on the ground from the messy operations of state agencies and in the form of local resistance challenges the abstract space of property rights indicated on cadastral maps (Vandergeest and Peluso 1995, p.
What forms of policing--by both state, market, and community--occur in the name of protecting queer lives, and how do they affect queer and trans people of colour, for whom queer territorialization may mean a shrinkage rather than an expansion of safe and healthy environments within which to live, work and play?
It is argued that, in spite of psychoactive drugs consumption being prohibited inside the university campus, the flexible university regulations produce territorialization processes of spaces for these practices.
Loss, Mourning and Trauma" then links geographical displacement with psychological distress in both the individual and collective spheres; memory, and equally important, forgetting, as integral parts of the experience of cultural de- territorialization are presented in a variety of historical contexts.
In this fashion, this book is a study not only on how space becomes place(s) but also about how some places are destroyed by the implementation of processes of progressive abstraction inherent to most modernizing territorialization schemes.
First of all, as a socio-cultural product emerged from a process of territorialization of a native population, a process thought to be the final stage of dissolution of tribal congregation, in which it was organized before.
The heart of this work has to do with what the process that the authors refer to as the territorialization of ethnicity.
The uses of the picturesque as an epistemic frame for the colonial and the modern unfurl their boundaries in Ray's narrative, as she demonstrates the functions served by this device to commodify topoi of taste for the tourist industry, to act as semiotic markers in imperial territorialization, to instantiate the structural or comparative order of subjective taxonomies, to transform the foreign to the familiar, to tame and control through essentialization, to re-mythologize the indigenous, to be imbricated in the designs of colonial power as sources of cultural, scientific and economic knowledge.