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the behavior of a male animal that defines and defends its territory

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Therefore, we examined if and how territoriality is associated with idea implementation.
As the contents of the Volume 20 is enabled, the case study of the "cross-border security" challenges the field of cooperation and the institutionalization processes tags the path to regional lens of territoriality and security.
Theoretically, this study extends research on territoriality by identifying that feelings of control and belonging that result from territorial behavior in open office environments are instrumental in creating comfort to perform tasks while also supporting interactions with others, which have positive effect on learning in action and knowledge sharing.
The concept of territoriality has an impact on creditors' free choice of enforcement agent.
Article 6(3) of the Paris Convention highlights the territoriality principle, providing that a "mark duly registered in a country of the [Paris] Union shall be regarded as independent of marks registered in other countries of the Union, including the country of origin.
a two-part inquiry into territoriality and target identity--with target
I then conceptualise encountering as the articulation of power-to, a moment in the production of territoriality from below, bringing together Holloway's dialectical understanding of power and Lefebvre's writings on territorial autogestion and urban encounters.
Cats vocalize to communicate a variety of things, from territoriality to locating offspring, and their repertoire of vocalizations is impressive.
1) which upholds the territoriality principle regarding the reach of the Alien Tort Statute (ATS).
Film producers and broadcasters see territoriality as less of an issue, in large part because of language differences.
Knight and Bauer found that the teams who stood had greater physiological arousal and less idea territoriality than those in the seated arrangement.
Given their claims on a far-flung series of sacred spaces which they neither own nor occupy on an ongoing basis, the Huichol concept of territoriality is not legible to the liberal (and now neo-liberal) world of property rights and boundaries.
19) The five classical principles that justify prescriptive jurisdiction under international law are territoriality, nationality, passive personality, universality, and protection.
We don't only have the problem of foreign guidelines and standards, we also have to deal with extra- territoriality of foreign laws .
Thus, territoriality of females has been proposed as an adaptation for defense of food resource (Ostfeld, 1985, 1986, 1990; Tamarin et al.