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the act of organizing as a territory

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Hence, the identification and territorialisation of native reserves usefully supported this process by reducing the scope for tax evasion, sedentarizing pastoralists, and facilitating the capture of native labour for service on settler estates and other government enterprises (Njonjo Commission, 2002: 25-26).
Ces couloirs font partie d'une longue et conflictuelle histoire de la territorialisation dans les zones agraires d'Afrique de l'Ouest.
This process of state territorialisation and industrialisation has had catastrophic effects on the natural environment (climate change, biodiversity loss, industrial agriculture), people (food crises-starvation, industrial work, mass-incarceration, and mass-killing) and non-human people alike (animal testing, industrial factory farms, enclosure, and mass-killing).
French territorialisation served as an influential model that was copied, explicitly or implicitly, by many rulers throughout Europe and even further afield, such as the territorial consolidation in Qing Dynasty China.
43) Of the greatest concern, domestic agency, by instituting these new macro-foundations of legitimate state behaviour in Europe, never eventuated to create a borderless world that renders political territorialisation (i.
It is a "minor public" with a strong coefficient of territorialisation, a circumscribed collective value.
But the Commission has not really reconsidered the territorialisation rules that have been in force since 2001.
La territorialisation des politiques de l'emploi se fera progressivement, dans le cadre de la regionalisation avancee, a indique, mardi a Tunis, le ministre de l'Emploi et de la Formation Professionnelle, Abdelouahed Souhail.
Jean-Paul Burdy, "La Place de la Perle a Manama ou la territorialisation
1989) "L' inegale territorialisation des populations et les conflits d' interets dans les espaces touristiques montagnards".
Non-Indigenous territorialisation of sites and land holdings is only possible through the dispossession and de-territorialising of Aboriginal people from that land.
Alors qu'elle epouse totalement les diverses formes de territorialisation culturelle, politique et l'ensemble des revendications qui s'y rattachent, la patrimonialisation est aujourd'hui a la fois un phenomene en expansion fulgurante et un objet d'etudes fecond pour les sciences humaines et sociales.
I, Teacher: Re territorialisation of teacher's multi-faceted agency in globalised education.
Lunchtime lock in: territorialisation and UK school meals policies', in Kraftl.