territorial waters

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the waters surrounding a nation and its territories over which that nation exercises sovereign jurisdiction

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toward the territorial waters of occupied Palestine.
According to the Tehama Movement's spokesperson, Ahmed Hibat Allah, "Egyptian fishermen often enter Yemeni territorial waters, but this is the first time we arrested such a high number of them.
The Iranian authorities earlier stopped several Emirati boats on alleged charges of breaching Iranian territorial waters.
Mr Al Jeran stressed the incident showed the urgent need to integrate GCC territorial waters to prevent such events from happening.
Meanwhile, the fishing boat was turned back before it could reach Japanese territorial waters.
According to the Courier Mail, Chinese vessels have been spotted in and around the territorial waters every day for the last month.
PETERSBURG (CyHAN)- Coast Guards in the Russian Far Eastern Primorye territory detained a Cambodian-flagged fishing vessel on suspicion of poaching in the Russian territorial waters, the local Border Guards Service said on Wednesday.
DAMASCUS, (SANA) -- A military spokesman issued the following statement: At 11:40 AM on 22/6/2012, an unidentified aerial target violated Syrian airspace, coming from the west at a very low altitude and at high speed over territorial waters, so the Syrian anti-air defenses counteracted with anti-aircraft artillery, hitting it directly as it was 1 kilometer away from land, causing it to crash into Syrian territorial waters west of Om al-Tuyour village in Lattakia province, 10 kilometers from the beach.
March 23 2012 (TUR) -- The Spokesperson for the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Selcuk Unal said Friday that the Research Vessel Piri Reis was currently carrying out a scientific research in the international waters of the Aegean and in Turkish territorial waters until March 29, 2012.
There is no end of trouble with China over Japan's territorial waters.
Basra (NINA) -- Central Command of American Navy announced handing over security responsibility of Basra oil seaports to Iraqi Navy, asserting that Iraqi Navy is now capable of protecting Iraq's territorial waters surrounding oil depots.
official visited Beirut Thursday for talks on the demarcation of territorial waters between Lebanon and Israel to help the two countries explore for oil, AN NAHAR reported on Friday.
Summary: North Korea has threatened military action if the South intrudes into its territorial waters.
Summary: Rabat - In the last few weeks, Algerian trawlers entered individually the Moroccan territorial waters in the north-east of the kingdom before retreating, said on Sunday the Interior Ministry in a statement.
KARACHI, January 14, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Indian officials arrested seven Pakistani fishermen during hunting from Pakistani territorial waters here on Thursday.