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We have a strong presence in the quintuple regions of the South and our independent bases in the Sea of Oman, in such a way that foreign vessels never dare to approach regions 12 miles away from our territorial waters and if they do, they will be treated like what we did to the Americans (on January 12)," Tangsiri told FNA at the time.
It is pertinent to mention here that fishermen from Pakistan and India were frequently detained for illegally fishing in each other's territorial waters as Arabian Sea does not have a clearly defined marine border.
On the other hand, Pag-asa is a high-tide elevation and the second largest island in the Spratlys Group of Islands, entitling it to territorial waters and an EEZ around it.
Saadi called "Iraqi fishermen to commit to fishing in Iraqi territorial waters and not to exceed the limits for their safety and to avoid being arrested.
Furthermore, the changes will "increase the basic system of managing foreign ships entering and exiting territorial waters, inoffensive passage, right of hot pursuit and expulsion," (http://www.
Russian aircraft fly over neutral Baltic Sea waters near Latvia's territorial waters mainly with transponders turned off, without a flight plan, and they do not answer to radio communications of civil airspace control, thus causing concern that civil aviation may be endangered.
4 (BNA): The State of Kuwait has today given the go-ahead to build floating stations as part of efforts to confront any forms of pollution in territorial waters and detect potential threats.
Greek and Turkish forces will not operate in each other's territorial waters and airspace," NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in a statement following.
ALL 10 US Navy sailors detained by Iran after drifting into its territorial waters a day earlier have been freed.
Egypt's Foreign Ministry said it is currently negotiating with Tunisian authorities to release Egyptian fishermen who were detained for fishing in Tunisian territorial waters, in a statement on Thursday.
Summary: An Israeli navy boat violated Lebanon's territorial waters off the southern coast earlier this week, the Lebanese Army announced Friday.
Nigeria has lifted the almost two-month old ban on 113 tankers from operating in its territorial waters, shipping brokers, owners and charterers quoted as saying this last Thursday.
17 (Saba) - President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi has ordered to free 66 Egyptian fishermen, who have captured fishing illegally inside Yemen's territorial waters on October 12.
Co-ordinating with the coast guard, fishermen from the Tehama Movement arrested the Egyptians, who they claim were fishing illegally in Yemen's territorial waters.
The Russian navy has concluded a cartographic survey of a recently found island in the Arctic, which would enable the country to add 1,165 square kilometers of territorial waters around the piece of land to its assets.