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15 and obtained by Newsweek, cautions that the new constitution is a "model for the territorial division of the State.
Stevenson's territorial divisions were derived from statistical analyses of formal variability in ahu design and preconceived notions about territorial divisions in Polynesian islands.
Tehran wanted an agreement with Russia on the territorial division before the summit so that a positive momentum can be maintained.
Performance guarantee in the form of money shall be paid into the bank account of the territorial division "State Forestry - Breznik" - IBAN BG05CECB979010G1625500, BIC CECBBGSF, "Central Cooperative Bank" branch Pernik.
Three of these questions are related to the former NLA fighters and against the amnesty of the Hague cases and one is in relation to the Law on Territorial Division, for which a referendum was already held back in 2005.
According to Musa Xhaferi, Deputy Prime Minister for the Implementation of the Framework Agreement, this Agreement represents the most important investment in the country's peace and stability, which removed the possibility of ethnic and territorial division and promoted tolerance and equality among the peoples of Macedonia.
President Kurmanbek Bakiev signed the law on administrative and territorial division of the Kyrgyz Republic today.
There are many suggestions from the international community, especially on territorial division.
Since the begining of the talks on border delimitation in 1999, the state border was determined based on the existing administrative and territorial division.
The law on the new territorial division is enforced but it contains flaws and the mayors know these problems the best.
The law on territorial division should be reviewed and new modalities should be found as most rural municipalities cannot function alone.
The Law on territorial division foresees unification of the municipalities from the Kicevo region in 2013.
Municipalities with majority of Albanians are more and more displeased by the existing territorial division.
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