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Synonyms for territorial

relating to or restricted to a particular territory

Synonyms for territorial

nonprofessional soldier member of a territorial military unit

displaying territoriality

belonging to the territory of any state or ruler

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Y por otro esa convergencia tendra lugar tambien en el ambito del desarrollo rural, con la introduccion de criterios mas objetivos de caracter territorial y economico (aunque no se indica cuales) a la hora de distribuir los fondos para el desarrollo rural (a lo que se anade una mayor flexibilidad entre los dos pilares).
Los principios directores de la ETE se han ratificado en distintos consejos ministeriales relacionados y finalmente trasladados a la Agenda Territorial Europea (ATUE) (1), acordada en Leipzig en mayo de 2007.
The Commission's paper presents an overview of some 400 contributions received in response to the consultation on the green paper on territorial cohesion, which ran from October 2008 to February 2009.
Former defence secretary John Reid said: "I very much welcome the fact that the Prime Minister has been prepared to listen to the issues and personally intervene to make sure that the Territorial Army training budget is retained.
In a bid to solve the 34-year dispute over the Sahara with the Algerian-backed Polisario separatists, Morocco proposed in 2007 to grant the territory broad autonomy under its sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Turkey's Foreign Ministry released a statement in which it said that Turkey was against deterioration of Iraq's territorial integrity and political unity.
automatic compensation for territorial handicaps: cohesion policy already addresses this issue.
Iran on Thursday released five vessels that were held for two weeks after they entered Iranian territorial waters," said Gen.
the formation of the territorial defense teams will begin.
Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, Territorial Bancorp Inc.
Europe is now realizing the importance of expressing a decisive support for territorial integrity after it has faced the threat to territorial integrity, Deputy Speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament Bahar Muradova said.
Download Army: Two Israeli gunboats breach territorial waters off Ras Naqoura NNA - An Israeli enemy gunboat violated on Thursday at 8:19 a.
Studies in Territorial and Cultural Diversity Governance; Volume 6
The shelf is usually spread over 200NM, but if on the basis of scientific data, a country can prove that its territorial shelf extends beyond that limit, the world body is competent to allocate it additional portion of land.