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Synonyms for terrifying

Synonyms for terrifying

causing extreme terror


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Passing sentence, Judge Graham Cottle told him: "You subjected this woman to a most terrifying and degrading ordeal.
Glenn Belka, 25, speaking from his home in Aberdeen, said: "It was terrifying.
Exploring the romantic relationships of leading Christians throughout history and how they handled sex and marriage, "A Terrifying Grace" addresses such questions as: What were their relationships and marriages like?
The movie adaptation of Stephen King's 'It' has been successfully terrifying audiences and it looks like a sequel is already in the works.
This was the most terrifying experience of my life, and I hope I never have to see Peter again.
Detective Inspector Graham Grant said: "Fortunately, no one was injured but this was a terrifying experience for the victim.
In 2008 McDowell, originally from Gateshead, was jailed for his role in terrifying armed raid on a bookies.
A MUM and daughter were confronted by knife-wielding thugs in a terrifying raid at a late-night Merseyside convenience store.
Synopsis: "The Terrifying Angel" by Alana Eisenbarth is an exploration of madness from the inside out as a disillusioned dreamer grapples with events that have brought her to an institution for the final time When an attempt at destroying the darkness within leads Aurora to a locked ward, she creates a savior in an errant angel.
A MAN was stabbed with a screwdriver and had a razor blade held to his throat in a terrifying attack in his own home in Coventry.
Mum-of-two Natasha Kushwaha is begging to be rehoused following a terrifying home invasion by two men.
A dragon is convinced that he is totally terrifying, and shouts 'Totally terrifying dragon alert
When you first do it, it's terrifying," the Telegraph quoted Radcliffe as saying.
F you enjoy candlelit story-telling, gallows humour and terrifying tales that raise the goose-bumps, then Aberystwyth Arts Centre has the perfect addition to its programme.
Monster Hunt (found the most monsters in the fastest time):1 Terrifying Turners - Katy Turner and Jennie Turner riding Doodles and Whisper, 2 The Ghosts - Rachel Haigh riding Tia and Fern Phillips riding Dancer, 3 Ghoulish Girls - Katy Gledhill riding Patch and Megan Robinson on foot.