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Synonyms for terrain

Synonyms for terrain

the character, natural features, and configuration of land


a particular area used for or associated with a specific individual or activity

Words related to terrain

a piece of ground having specific characteristics or military potential

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Throughout the season, the new High Roller Night Life Terrain Park will be open - you guessed it - after the sun goes down Thursdays through Saturdays.
There are several topographic engineering tools available today that can help soldiers achieve a better understanding of the terrain and make better decisions.
Army intelligence analysts and engineers employ terrain models in a variety of sizes and means to support many types of missions.
Levings says the JT2720 All Terrain is recommended for installations of material to diameters of 8 inches at distances to 650 feet.
Car shoppers interested in researching vehicles online in advance of visiting the dealership can learn about the 2016 GMC Terrain on its model research page on the Craig Dunn website.
There are six terrain parks with new rails and jibs, a 400-foot superpipe and six Star Parks (just for kids).
In Iraq and Afghanistan, Army and Marine Corps terrain teams supported their respective components at the operational and tactical levels.
PVNT imports standard NIMA digital terrain evaluation data (DTED) and has local update tools that allow new information, gathered by local sensors and from data reports, to improve and enhance the information in the terrain database.
Power wheelchair, scooter, and all terrain market forecasts indicate strong growth based on new technology and demand from people wanting a vehicle in between a heavy expensive to drive car and a manual wheelchair.
Another area that the 2014 GMC Terrain has an advantage over the 2014 Ford Explorer is in refinement.
Ski resorts in and around Mammoth and Lake Tahoe are finding out how true that is this winter, rolling out hundreds of millions of dollars worth of high-speed lifts and gondolas, challenging terrain parks, new grooming equipment and assorted services and facilities.
Joint Task Force--Korea responded by purchasing a mission-rehearsal system called Tactical Operational Scene (TOPSCENE[TM]), a software package that used elevation data with imagery draped over it to provide a three-dimensional (3-D) terrain fly-through, with annotations and labels on key terrain features.
The images, from data gathered last year in March and November, show a nearly flat terrain, about the size of Pennsylvania, surrounding the crater Stowe near a highland called Imdr Regio.
Offering full integration of its 3-D visualization capabilities and a consolidated product line targeted to specific user skill levels and analysis types, STK 8 also provides expanded enterprise data sharing; enhanced features for globe building, terrain, and imagery analysis; and additional aircraft and UAV mission modeling capabilities.
31, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The 2014 GMC Terrain for sale in San Antonio, TX at Cavender Buick GMC West is a very elegant combination of rugged comfort.