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Synonyms for terrace

usually paved outdoor area adjoining a residence

a level shelf of land interrupting a declivity (with steep slopes above and below)


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a row of houses built in a similar style and having common dividing walls (or the street on which they face)

provide (a house) with a terrace

make into terraces as for cultivation

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References in classic literature ?
The projection of the terrace had prevented my seeing it.
By this time the moon had stolen round to the terrace, and soft, mysterious rays of light were slanting already across the lower end of the room.
Shells of many existing species not only lie on the surface of the terraces at Coquimbo (to a height of 250 feet), but are embedded in a friable calcareous rock, which in some places is as much as between twenty and thirty feet in thickness, but is of little extent.
As the house stood, the terrace side was the dark side; but the broad moonlight showed fair on the gravel walk that ran along the next side to the terrace.
He looked at her with a look of submissive tenderness, kissed her hand, got up, and, in silence, paced up and down the terrace.
As auxiliary to this scarcity of fuel, one of the large springs which abound in that country gushed out of the side of the ascent above, and, after creeping sluggishly along the level land, saturating the mossy covering of the rock with moisture, it swept around the base of the little cone that formed the pinnacle of the mountain, and, entering the canopy of smoke near one of the terminations of the terrace, found its way to the lake, not by dashing from rock to rock, but by the secret channels of the earth.
Not being willing that, if any evil happened to himself, this paper should compromise a faithful friend, the surintendant was busy tearing it into a thousand morsels, spread about by the wind from the balustrade of the terrace.
Hamel strolled down the terrace steps and wandered for a time in the gardens behind the house.
Possessing himself of his beloved instrument, he had gone out on the terrace to cool himself in the evening air, pending the arrival of the servant whom he had summoned by the music-room bell.
Rouncewell can trust to the discretion of her two young hearers and may tell THEM how the terrace came to have that ghostly name.
The last two dances you might pass on the terrace with Mr.
He came in one morning when I was having breakfast on the terrace of the hotel and introduced himself.
He set his teeth and said nothing, but went with the shouting monkeys to a terrace above the red sandstone reservoirs that were half-full of rain water.
Some way towards Walham Green the streets became clear of powder, and I passed a white terrace of houses on fire; the noise of the burning was an absolute relief.
This person walked along the terrace, which was ornamented with flowers.