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Synonyms for terrace

usually paved outdoor area adjoining a residence

a level shelf of land interrupting a declivity (with steep slopes above and below)


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a row of houses built in a similar style and having common dividing walls (or the street on which they face)

provide (a house) with a terrace

make into terraces as for cultivation

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References in classic literature ?
The cloud hid the moon, and as Mowgli wondered what would come next he heard Bagheera's light feet on the terrace.
I took my welcome money, broke the reed, and returned to the terrace, and looking up at the window, I saw a very white hand put out that opened and shut very quickly.
In the evening we strolled in the Casino Terrace, and heard some good music by Spohr and Mackenzie, and went to bed early.
Looking round with a sudden thought, from a terrace on which I rested for a while, I realized that there were no small houses to be seen.
A dim group of people talked in the gate of one of the houses in the pretty little row of gables that was called Oriental Terrace.
This person walked along the terrace, which was ornamented with flowers.
He is on the terrace at this moment with Lord Illingworth.
The topmost terrace and the lower one are somewhat peculiar in their construction.
The place of the interview between Miss Temple and the Indian has already been described as one of those plat forms of rock, which form a sort of terrace in the mountains of that country, and the face of it, we have said, was both high and perpendicular.
The lawn, bounded on each side by a high wall, contained beyond the first planted area a bowling-green, and beyond the bowling-green a long terrace walk, backed by iron palisades, and commanding a view over them into the tops of the trees of the wilderness immediately adjoining.
He has come to the end of the sight, and the fresh village beauty to the end of her description; which is always this: "The terrace below is much admired.
He came in one morning when I was having breakfast on the terrace of the hotel and introduced himself.
A row of orange and lemon trees and jasmines, planted in green tubs, stood on the fairly wide terrace.
Fouquet was made to wait for a moment on the terrace of which we have spoken, - a terrace which abutted on the little corridor, at the end of which the cabinet of the king was located.
The last two dances you might pass on the terrace with Mr.