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the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one

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principal activity of GCP Scape East Limited, Ternion Danehurst Limited
51,732 Ternion Danehurst Limited contributed [pounds sterling]700,000 to
acquisition of Ternion Danehurst Limited and a further loan of [pounds
100% controlling stake in GCP Scape East Limited, Ternion Danehurst
December 2013, the Group obtained control of Ternion Danehurst Limited,
value of identifiable assets and liabilities of Ternion Danehurst
12,173 Ternion Danehurst Limited contributed [pounds sterling]103,000 to
purchase of Ternion Danehurst amounted to [pounds sterling]215,000.
Ternion Corporation's FLAMES(R) software provides a "Constructive Simulation Framework" to allow creation of virtually any type of simulated environment for performing Monte Carlo analysis and parametric trade studies.
Since 1989, Ternion Corporation has provided the FLAMES suite of commercial simulation products, custom software development, and support services to government and commercial organizations worldwide.
com/, a leading supplier of end-to-end CRM solutions, today announced that Ternion Corporation has deployed Soffront CRM to help organize sales leads and customer support data.
Because of our extensive experience in developing databases, our standards and requirements for CRM software were extremely high," said Brad Spearing, President of Ternion Corporation.
Ternion Corporation installed Soffront CRM in January and is currently using the Soffront SALES module in both divisions of the company: Software Products and Engineering Services.
The fact that Soffront's products and services have exceeded Ternion Corporation's expectations reconfirms our strengths and mirrors what so many other customers have told us in the past nine years," said Manu Das, the founder and president of Soffront.