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The voracious and taxonomically isolated termite Mas-totermes darwiniensis lives in underground nests that may house more than a million individuals.
Other symbols of termite infestation are mud tubes (soil) extending over foundation walls, support berths, and floor beams.
Based on a survey done by Rentokil Initial Malaysia, 83% of Malaysians​ have personally or knew someone who have experienced termite infestation​ at home.
The termite fauna of Pakistan consists of four families (Kalotermitidae, Hodotermitidae, Rhinotermitidae and Termitidae), 16 genera and 53 species (Ahmad and Akhtar, 1994).
Both were with the ARS Formosan termite research project in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the time the research was done.
Considering the seriousness of the termite menace, the Govind Ballabh Pant Agriculture University had conducted a survey of Lambari in 2009.
In the new study, the team isolated more than 500 Actinobacteria strains from structural material in five termite nests.
Bacteria, fungi, and protists live in the termite hindgut to break down cellulose, and the digestion process allows termites to cycle nitrogen back into the ecosystem (Curtis & Waller, 1998).
Presently, the detection of termite attacks in wood is mostly performed by visual inspection.
The explosion will kill or paralyse a rival termite.
DUBAI Pest-control agencies say there's been a significant jump in termite infestation at New Dubai areas, including new buildings.
In natural conditions, the tunnel walls are lined with soil particles mixed with termite feces, which functions as a cement that consolidates the structure of the tunnel and prevents temperature and moisture extremes (Greaves 1962; Wood 1988).
In Texas, a recent investigation of coastal trees felled by Hurricane Rita suggests that upwards of 40 percent of large trees marked for landfills were infested with Formosan subterranean termite.
amphalodes female was observed catching and paralyzing a termite in the field.