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When termites were given no choice but to consume just one variety of wood for 6 weeks, six of the woods--redwood, Brazilian jatoba, Peruvian walnut, Honduran mahogany, Alaska yellow cedar, and teak--showed some level of natural resistance and caused an average of better than 75 percent termite mortality.
A far better technique, the Sentricon [R] System, removes the underground termite swarm and also it's an environment-friendly method.
What's most interesting to entomologist Gregg Henderson of Louisiana State University is that Chouvenc and Su have declared human termite science a 50-year failure at biological control, yet "show how simply and elegantly it is performed by the termites themselves.
Several methods have been developed and investigated for nondestructive detection of termite attacks.
The presence of mud tunnels indicates a widespread termite presence," he said.
Bardunias & Su (2005) suggested that because natural termite tunnel networks are excavated within a limited soil horizon, a planar arena might allow for a more natural tunnel expansion than a volume of soil that is deeper but with limited lateral distance.
The termites have become a serious threat both to structures and living trees.
They are able to detect termite foraging activity either through soil vibration or chemical cues.
Besides a boom in mosquitoes, expect to see more termites, bees, spiders, cockroaches and ants.
Once the colony has been eliminated, the system remains in place to detect any further termite activity.
com; Tallon Termite and Pest Control (freezing, orange oil, heating and microwave treatments), (310)376-0249, www.
While watching a nature program on television, architect Mick Pearce found inspiration in the mound of the lowly termite.
Florida's termite swarming season has arrived, and homeowners should use care to avoid being victimized by termites - or by unscrupulous pest control companies.
More than 100 termite experts ─ with a combined 2,000 years of experience ─ say these are the top 10 mistakes homeowners make when it comes to termites: