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final leave before discharge from military service

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Employees on terminal leave understandably are eager to begin their new careers, and can, provided they do not represent their new employer anywhere in the federal government (this restrictions does not apply to enlisted military).
The Defense Department's bottom line is that it is virtually "impossible" for those on terminal leave to physically work for a contractor in the federal workplace.
Unless the British athletics selectors take terminal leave of their senses, Merry will be awarded the discretionary third place behind the first two past the post in the Trial final on Sunday.
Despite his drinking Mr Bishop had successfully completed his service and was on terminal leave at the time of his death in February 1995.
citri require the newly expanding terminal leaves (flush) of citrus and related species in order to complete their development (Shavankar et al.
Plant volatiles were collected by placing freshly excised 15 g bouquets consisting of shoots of terminal leaves and flush of each genotype ([less than or equal to] 7 d old) into separate 50 ml beakers containing distilled water.
The small green caterpillars (sometimes marked with pink) feed on the flower buds, flowers and young berries of their host plant, and sometimes on the terminal leaves as well.
Despite the attentions of what seems like a small army of ladybirds, all the terminal leaves on the branches of the bushes are turning purple and blistered with a massive aphid presence under each leaf tip.
The patio furniture overlooking Fishermen's Terminal leaves something to be desired, but kids love watching the boats.
1A): (A) partially expanded young leaves (2-3 terminal leaves on a young flush shoot); (B) fully expanded tender leaves; and (C) mature mid-size leaves similar to those used for rearing adults.
This usually manifests itself as curled-up terminal leaves on the end of each branch and is most likely to happen if we get a moist warm spell.
If you have roses, you will notice that aphids - sometimes called ant cows - are most numerous on the terminal leaves, buds, and stems or young shoots.
However late in the season when beet armyworms were fed terminal leaves located in the upper part of the plant (i.
Terminal leaves or flower buds (squares, fall armyworms only) containing 3 Vip3A events were assayed for bioactivity against beet armyworms, fall armyworms, bollworms, and tobacco budworm neonates (Table 1).
Terminal leaves from different cotton lines containing 2 Vip3A events, 3 Cry1Ab events, and 3 Cry1Ab stacked with Vip3A events were assayed as described above for bioactivity against beet armyworms, fall armyworms, bollworms, and tobacco budworm neonates (Table 1).
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