term insurance

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low-cost insurance that is valid only for a stated period of time and has no cash surrender value or loan value

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However, term insurance is often more favorable than life coverage, provided the employee is healthy.
Till then, the Mutual & Federal Insurance Company of South Africa, which is itself owned by Old Mutual plc, owned the Namibian short term insurance firm.
As our clients with term insurance approach the end of their policies and the beginning of their retirement, we need to help them shift their focus to the permanent needs that they will be facing throughout retirement, and encourage them to convert an appropriate amount of their term insurance as early as possible, effectively "locking in" a more cost effective premium in retirement.
The shift led many life insurance agents to focus on selling term insurance instead of solving the actual lifelong life insurance need.
Our data contain information on term insurance and endowment plans.
Because whole of life insurance is not limited to a specific period in the way that term insurance is, premiums are more expensive because the insurance company eventually pays out.
Feldman also pointed out that even those who remain employed need to review and adjust the amount of coverage they have, since the term insurance provided through work is usually just a small portion of their annual salary.
The industry has made buying term insurance supereasy today, thanks to the Web.
Because term insurance isn't an investment scheme, it is generally all right to go for the policy which charges the lowest premiums for the level and term of cover you require.
The executive, while owning what would normally be an expensive cash-value policy, pays a premium that is equivalent to an economical term insurance policy.
The local short-term insurance industry has had very little growth this year and access to short term insurance services still remain low for the greater portion of the population.
Last week I was asked about life cover for people with young families and covered Term Insurance.
Issued by The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, this new hybrid product further expands Lincoln's comprehensive insurance solution set by combining the flexibility and guarantees of universal life with the affordability of term insurance.
I also included a term insurance to diversify the policies somewhat, and also give them the added protection," says Jones, who used an asset allocation model of 5% cash, 20% international stocks, 30% large caps, 25% small caps and midcaps, and 20% bonds to round out the Jacksons' investment portfolio.