term insurance

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low-cost insurance that is valid only for a stated period of time and has no cash surrender value or loan value

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They also have low premium, and by buying a term insurance plan, customers are also able to get good tax benefits.
Yet producers often overlook these policies under the mistaken belief that term insurance cannot be sold in a life settlement.
Ron Herrmann, head of AXA's Financial Protection business, said, 'Since September is 'Life Insurance Awareness Month,' we are taking this opportunity to let people know that they can get cost-effective protection from financial risk with a simple product like Term insurance.
Buy term insurance when there is no way to satisfy the death need without it.
As our clients with term insurance approach the end of their policies and the beginning of their retirement, we need to help them shift their focus to the permanent needs that they will be facing throughout retirement, and encourage them to convert an appropriate amount of their term insurance as early as possible, effectively "locking in" a more cost effective premium in retirement.
The shift led many life insurance agents to focus on selling term insurance instead of solving the actual lifelong life insurance need.
Our data contain information on term insurance and endowment plans.
Because whole of life insurance is not limited to a specific period in the way that term insurance is, premiums are more expensive because the insurance company eventually pays out.
While the outlay for permanent insurance is usually greater than term insurance in the early years, most plans provide for payment of a level premium.
Feldman also pointed out that even those who remain employed need to review and adjust the amount of coverage they have, since the term insurance provided through work is usually just a small portion of their annual salary.
The industry has made buying term insurance supereasy today, thanks to the Web.
Perhaps the most inane suggestion to come along in a long while has been the proposal to develop a tense that would limit an agent's product offerings to term insurance.
79-0, coverage must be through a term insurance policy (or policies) and must be purchased for a group of common-law employees.
The rates on term insurance were more affordable than they were for other types of coverage," he notes.
This low-cost form of life insurance is known as term insurance.