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Synonyms for dorsum

the posterior part of a human (or animal) body from the neck to the end of the spine

the back of the body of a vertebrate or any analogous surface (as the upper or outer surface of an organ or appendage or part)

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Generally for species recognition, males are required because features of the genitalia and the right medial lobe of the 7th abdominal tergum (pseudostrigil) are diagnostic.
Alae very long, reaching 7th tergum, costal region dull green to grayish green, with pale or green mottling, anal region buff with blackish spots.
Male genitalia: Tergum VIII with posteromesal margin deeply emarginate, emargination V-shaped and extending more than half way to anterior margin, almost completely divided (Fig.
El analisis morfometrico se hizo a partir de fotografias del primer tergum metasomal en vista dorsal, el pronotum en vista dorsal, y el mesosoma en vista lateral; se marcaron ocho puntos de referencia sobre el tergum, ocho sobre el pronotum y 15 sobre el mesosoma (Figura 2).
Kristensen (1991) listed for this clade the following putative synapomorphies: maxillary lacinia elongate and slender, detached from stipes; postclypeus enlarged; reduced number of tarsomeres (three or less); cerci absent; at most six Malpighian tubules; abdominal ganglia fused in one mass; gonangulum in the females fused with tergum nine (Scudder 1961); and sperm acrosome without perforatorium (Jamieson et al.
The epoxy putty filled the empty tests, so that the tergum and scutum remained in place.
12 Alusion a Fedro 4, 10, texto que permite comprender la de mas arriba a "la talega de tonterias que llevamos todos colgada no se donde": Peras imposuit luppiter nobis duas; / propriis repletam uitiis post tergum dedit, / alienis ante pectus suspendit grauem.
In the oracle given to Deucalion and Pyrrha, `ossaque post tergum magnae iactate parentis' (Ovid, Met.
Furthermore, Synophrus and Saphonecrus appear to share several apomorphies with Synergus, notably in the structure of the petiole and in the fusion of the third and fourth abdominal tergum in the male, and Rhoophilus seems to be the sister group of Synergus + Synophrus + Saphonecrus (Ronquist, unpubl.
In comparison, in such genera as Cryptorhopalum, Orphinus, and Thaumaglossa, brushes of the hastisetae are inserted on each side of a membrane behind the tergum (Beal 1991; Kiselyova & McHugh 2006).
0 mm; scutellum reaching to fifth abdominal tergum, with u-shaped apical lobe, subacute at apex; length of scutellum 8.
Mostly dark brown; face, front, vertex, temples and occiput dark brown; gena brown; clypeus and mandibles dark yellow (Figure 1e); labrum, labial and maxilar palp pale; antenna with scape and pedicel yellow and flagellomeres brown; mesoscutum dark brown; wings hyaline; tergum I yellowish; remaining terga light brown; ovipositor sheaths brown; foreleg and midleg from coxae to 3rd tarsomeres yellow, 4th and 5th tarsomeres yellowish brown; hindleg yellow from coxa to approximately 2/3 of tibia, the remaining 1/3 of tibia to the 5th tarsomere yellowish brown.
hainanensis Cai & Liu, 1990 but differs in having a more granulated mesonotum, u-shaped emarginate hind margin of the anal segment, antero and postero-ventral carinae of meso-and metafemora with 3-7 minute spines on the basal elevation, and medio-ventral carina of meso-and metatibiae with spinose elevation basally in female; by larger size, with two distinct granule-like horns, mesonotum broadly emarginate medially, anal segment longer than 8th tergum and ventral carinae of mesotibiae and metatibiae lacking any spines near apices in male.
Hemelytra" Clavus and corium fused into a coriaceous pad, meeting each other along midline for almost the entire length; hemelytral membrane reduced to small pads, reaching third or fourth abdominal tergum.