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Monks in her letter to Colonel Fries of the Los Angeles District of the Army Corps called her cottage a place of study and emphasized her efforts to study the destructive wood borers Teredo.
Teredo navalis severely damaged infrastructure in northern San Francisco Bay, including causing the collapse of several structures in the Carquinez Strait (Figure l).
The mill's frame saws were "found to be most unsuitable for the type of timber it had to deal with" and teredo attacked logs "not stacked clear of mud" at the mill (Martine 1946: 43).
Since OPNET at the time of this research did not support ISATAP, Teredo, and 6VPE, these mechanisms are not included in this study.
La degradacion de la madera puede ser realizada por accion mecanica de estructuras morfologicas especializadas, como Teredo que posee un vertice dentado en la concha (Turner, 1984) o por accion quimica, como Bankia y Lyrodus, que secreta enzimas (glucanasas o glucosidasas) que degradan celulosa, facilitando la penetracion de los bivalvos (Dean, 1978; Popham & Dickson, 1973).
7 [micro]m described for the largest bivalent in meiocytes of Teredo utrieulus Gmelin, 1790 (Teredinidae) (Vitturi et al.
He believes that the first ship was probably badly damaged by ice but that the second could still be in fairly good condition, particularly as the Teredo 'worms' that often bore into wooden ships aren't active this far north.
lt;p>Microsoft was aware that IPv6 is not available everywhere, so the company designed DirectAccess to take advantage of IPv6 transition tools such as 6to4, Teredo, and ISATAP.
Esta litofacies esta constituida por un banco de 2 metros de espesor visible, de estratos decimetricos de arcillas y limos, finamente laminados con abundante detritus vegetal y madera retrabajada por el oleaje y perforada por Teredo sp.
Lusardi counters that a recovered 1709 Iberian ship's bell, a cannon dated 1730, the lack of teredo infestation on surviving hull sections, and the absence of French and slave trade items associated with the ship's career before pirate capture raise doubts.
mit den Bohrmessgeraten Teredo, Resistopgraph 1410 und ImpulshammerSchallmesssystem.
Raft connections and structural poles would be weakened by prolonged exposure to salt water and subjected to teredo borer attack unless specially treated (Severin, 1995).
When IPv6 connectivity is desired from behind a NAT device, many of which do not forward proto-41 packets properly, one may use the Teredo protocol which encapsulates IPv6 over UDP over IPv4.
The ships were literally eaten by the teredo worm which would burrow into the timber hulls.
Its hull was made of oak,and to protect it from shipworm,or teredo navalis, which burrows into timber, it was completely sheathed below the waterline in copper.