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a Mediterranean tree yielding Chian turpentine

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The origin of the amphora on the right is still unknown, but its DNA analysis showed that it contained terebinth, a resin from a shrub related to pistachios.
While Alacati town offer vacationers a feeling of peace with its stone houses, streets and terebinth flavoured breeze, its town of Foca offers an opportunity to gaze at the Mediterranean seals.
At the edges I planted a variety of native Galilee seedlings: olive, oak, hawthorn, wild maple, pistachio, myrtle, rock rose, bay leaf, Judah's tree, terebinth, and carob.
And the Lord appeared unto him [Abraham] by the terebinth of Mamre.
Terebinth on his subject, & amused himself with striking with his scalpel at the maggots, as they issued from their retreats.
so many Jews were on sale as slaves at the Terebinth market in Hebron that they brought less per person than did a horse; see Anthony R.
12) Finally we know of several 'tree saints', such as Cinar Dede (the oak saint), Citlenbik Dede (the terebinth saint), Agac Baba (the tree saint), Aqterak Khojam (the white poplar master), an indication that a being can pass at will from the human mode of life to the plant mode.
Would you know what camphire, fitches and terebinth were?
This would confirm that this was a settlement for sedentary hunter-gatherers who exploited the wide variety of resources that the area offered them at that time, like hares (Lepus), gazelles (Gazella), sheep (Ovis orientalis), goats (Capra aegagrus) and wild asses (Equus hermionus hemippus)--as well as fish and fresh water molluscs--among the animal resources, and lentils (Lens culinaris), fruits of terebinth (Pistacia terebinthus), hackberry fruit, capers, and esparto seeds (Stipa) among the plant resources.
Perhaps conveniently, he is also mad, a one-eyed humpback in a silk robe and a black beret, who goes on too much, in his grape bower, his cave, his magic barrel, the cleft of his terebinth tree, about "his patron and protector," the hermit Darius and a hunter "who draws lions in the sand:' Khilmi belongs to another literature entirely, the Koran and Arabian Nights.
Then Shacham leads the way to a crop bed under development, where deep-rooted terebinth trees and date palms have been planted as a break against wind and erosion.