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the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one

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Consider, for example, that the final sound in a tercet's second line rhymes with one of the opening sounds in the third line, and the final sound in the third line of a tercet end-rhymes with the first line of the next one.
Yet a lingering sense of fret and constraint persists from the octave into this tercet, where it can be traced acoustically.
Erich Wolfgang Partsch uncovers a neglected model of musical experience in his essay on Schubert's songs with guitar accompaniments, addressing curious omissions from current musicological scholarship on Schubert and the salon including Schubert's tercet with guitar accompaniment, Zur Namensfeier meines Vaters (D 80), and Baronvon Schlechta's transcription of "Die Nacht" with guitar accompaniment.
In "Hanged Man," which is arguably the strongest and most symbolic poem in the entire suite, as it illustrates the most important of the collections attempts-to bestow upon the Tarot a new meaning-the poet expresses and embraces his queerness and the strangeness of his gift best through the last tercet which reads: "You must confess my Straight One,/ the world from my perspective/ you have not seen from where you stand.
Explicitly recalling Petrarch's Tronfi, which, in the poems' escalation from love to eternity, offered an exemplary moral progression, the tercet ends by transforming the laurel, the Petrarchan symbol of human love and lamentation, into the palm, symbolic of the lover's martyrdom and triumph over death.
The first thirteen-line poem--with its short lines; sharp stanza breaks into a septet, tercet, and two couplets; variable meter; and complex rhyme scheme--appears like individual poems hastily thrown together from separate "loose" pages.
The first tercet demonstrates the way the Infanta's fragility is linked to her family's declining influence in Europe: "Italia, Flandes, Portugal .
Critics have also proposed a literal interpretation of the final tercet, as reflected in the Fosters' judgment that it is "anticlimactic and merits attention only for the complexity of its syntax" (92); a viewpoint which, on a surface level, does have some validity.
On the left side in a different hand, there is also a sonnet whose last tercet is indecipherable, but which has been identified, at least in part, as the work of the Spanish Golden-Age poet Pedro Linan de Riaza (d.
Terza rima follows a pattern in which each verse, or tercet, connects with the following verse through an unfailing rhyme.
Lauds, Prime, Matins, Primet, Tercet, Sext, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, Vespers Compline 15929 Paris?
Sketched in one tercet, the central memory of parental abandonment falls away just as it is brought into being, barely glimpsed before dipping out of sight.
This nine-line poem is structured thematically in three tercets, without spatial divisions, that differ in tone and temporal emphasis: the first tercet is tenseless, the second is in the past progressive, and the third involves a particular construction of the past.
Yet, in Petrarch's response, the detail concerning marble in the tercet ("l volto di Medusa,/che facea marmo diventar la gente,' 'the face of Medusa, which made people become marble') suggests he is speaking of Medusa's severed head, when she lacks her own agency.
In the final line of the third tercet the poet introduces the comparison to Virgil, "as if.