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the 300th anniversary (or the celebration of it)

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Van Horne, America's Curious Botanist: A Tercentennial Reappraisal Of John Bartram 1699-1777 is an anthology of essays by learned authors, most of which were first presented to Philadelphia's Bartram tercentenary conference in May 1999, concerning the contributions John Bartram and his contemporaries made to 18th-century botany and natural science.
Quebec's city fathers and the province's own historians had in fact promoted tercentennial celebrations as an opportunity to promote tourism and perhaps erect a statue or two, particularly one to Bishop Laval, whose own anniversary was also being celebrated that year.
Although a member of Sir John Meldrum's Dragoons (Parliamentarian), he participated in the Sedgemoor tercentennial on the side of the King.
854) was set on a sugarcane plantation during the 1930s, when Martinique was "celebrating" the tercentennial of its status as a part of the French colonial empire.
I'm worried about the commission to do the Tasman tercentennial poem for the Internal Affairs Dept.
st] Tercentennial generation givers say, "we are looking way far out ahead in our giving forward.
Two articles related to funds left over from the town's tercentennial celebration will be "postponed indefinitely by mutual agreement'' between selectmen and the Tercentennial Committee, Mr.
Franklin's tercentennial comes up in 2006, so perhaps Tucker needed a hook for a book that ploughs old ground.
For more on Quebecois Baptist theology, see Michael Haykin, "The 1689 Confession: A Tercentennial Appreciation," Reformation Canada 13 (1990): 13-28.
OXFORD -- Students from Oxford High School joined local businesses and members of the Tercentennial Committee in preparing a message for themselves and their descendants to open in 50 years at the town's sesquarcentennial or semiseptcentennial celebration.
Hammond, co-chairman of the Tercentennial Committee, who asked that two articles be placed on the fall town meeting warrant.
Hammond, co-chairman of the Oxford Tercentennial Committee.
7 FM STONE SOUL PICNIC and ART ON THE AVE 3rd ANNUAL MUSIC AND FINE ARTS FESTIVAL, which promises to be one of the most exciting (Detroit) Tercentennial events of the summer.