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the development of defects in an embryo

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Barnes et al have showed that the VPA induced somite teratogenesis by inhibiting the expression of Pax-1 genes18.
It has been posited that chronic in utero ethanol exposure produces both insulin resistance in the CNS and oxidative stress, which is thought to play a major role in alcohol-related neurobehavioral teratogenesis (de la Monte and Wands 2010).
He uses Frog Embryo Teratogenesis Assay - Xenopus (FETAX) as one of his research techniques to study the effects of chemicals and other environmental factors on amphibians, and biomarkers to study vitellogenin induction by anthropogenic estrogens.
In vivo inhibition of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis associate with thiabendazole-induced teratogenesis in mice and rats.
Alteration of embryonic folate metabolism by valproic acid during organogenesis: implications for mechanism of teratogenesis.
The murine Ah locus: in utero toxicity and teratogenesis associated with genetic differences in benzo[a]pyrene metabolism.
Thus, understanding the magnitude and differential effects of AEDs on teratogenesis is important.
The Frog Embryo Teratogenesis Assay-Xenopus (FETAX) is a 96-h in vitro assay used to determine the developmental toxicity of compounds and mixtures (American Society for Testing and Materials, 1992).
To determine the risk of teratogenesis, it is necessary to know the stage of development during which the exposure occurred, as well as the identity and dose of the medication and the genetic susceptibility of the mother and fetus.
Several theories on the mechanism of VPA teratogenesis have been presented; the theory receiving the most experimental attention is that VPA acts through a deficiency of the folic acid vitamin (Lammer et al.
Since the risk of relapse within the first 6 months of lithium discontinuation is so high--over 60%--women with bipolar disease may choose to assume the relatively small absolute risk for teratogenesis associated with first-trimester exposure, regardless of the drug's category.
OP-induced avian teratogenesis, first observed when pesticides were being injected into hen eggs (Roger er al.
Teratogenesis * Be aware of decreased peripheral * Isoflurane vascular resistance, increased cardiac output, and vasodilatation.
Originally, such changes in physiologic set points, organ size, and cell-signaling programming were termed "functional teratogenesis.