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a unit of information equal to 1000 gigabits or 10^12 (1,000,000,000,000) bits

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South Wales can take advantage of this investment by connecting this cable to our urban communities, providing them with terabit digital infrastructure.
To scale to terabit capacity, Cisco uses a 256x256 crossbar switch to connect multiple 12016 routers, allowing service providers to build backbone capacity incrementally.
Attendees will get a close-up look at how networks are expected to evolve and make the 100G transformation to Terabit Networking.
When selecting terabit routers for the new Internet core, network operators should not just be concerned with the performance of the router, but also with the ability of the entire system to meet the evolving demands on Internet service providers.
The trial has proven that our existing optical cable plant can support terabit channels along with 40Gbps and 100Gbps channels simultaneously on the same fiber.
10 Terabit per second (Tb/s) of super-channel capacity based on Infinera FlexCoherent technology to realize QPSK and 16 QAM super-channels to extend fiber capacity and signal reach,
With Luxtera, we have a partner with the unique ability to integrate this level of performance in CMOS and with a technology roadmap that scales up to terabits of bandwidth on a single fiber with great reliability.
The NetIron XMR-series is a family of terabit capacity, carrier-class edge and core IPv4/IPv6/MPLS routers designed to reduce the cost of implementing converged broadband networks while preserving carrier investment in SONET/SDH optical transport infrastructure.
AMCC's switch fabric roadmap covers 5Gbps to multi-terabits, and consists of its market-leading PRS switch fabric family, in its sixth generation of devices, and its nPX8005 Cyclone terabit switch fabric.
The Resilient Terabit Cluster delivers increased performance and scalability in a platform engineered to support Web applications, converged networks and other high-performance applications that can increase productivity, reduce costs and ease system and process integration.
With its innovative and patent-protected design, the Force10 TeraScale E-Series can process one billion packets per second, making it the industry's first true Terabit switch/router.
44 Terabit backplane delivers outstanding speed and port density - initially up to twenty-four 10 Gigabit wirespeed ports and 288 Gigabit wirespeed ports - but can support a second generation fabric and modules to double the switch's performance and capacity.
3Com Corporation (Nasdaq: COMS) today announced a major leap forward in providing superior choices to large enterprise customers with the introduction of the 3Com(R) Switch 8800 family of Terabit switches.
Force10 Networks today announced that it will demonstrate an industry leading 44 line-rate 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports in a single chassis while supporting nearly a terabit per second of network traffic during the SuperComputing 2004 conference.
Earlier this year, Japanese scientists set a world record sending 109 terabits per second using multiple lasers.