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Synonyms for tepidness

a warmness resembling the temperature of the skin

lack of passion, force or animation

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Economic tepidness is only compounded by the timing of this fall's survey, on the eve of a contentions US presidential election.
Three conditions likely create this tepidness among JAs to hand the reins of ROE training to NCOs.
Given his monumental ego, can the Crouch really have failed to notice the alarming evasiveness and tepidness of Bellow's endorsement?
He further observes, ``It is difficult if not impossible to determine whether the magazine was so successful in the '50s because or in spite of its overall tepidness.
But as interpretation, the book does little justice to its subject, thanks to a determination to reduce the folly of art to the normative tepidness of "discourse," to translate Acconci's turn from "(personal) neurosis to (political) paranoia" into an academic "framework for a program of cultural analysis.
Most telling, though, was the tepidness in much of the protest against the Gulf war.