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in an unenthusiastically lukewarm manner


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Egypt's food and drink sector will grow tepidly over our forecast period due to a weak short-term economic outlook.
He shifted about, lifted his head tepidly, and pitched it inside my neck, whispering that I was his feral cat, roaming city streets leading to the sea, wandering in the rain through the mud and the biting cold, and coming back to him at night wet, hungry, and in search of warmth.
That was never a given when he started: Chancellor Angela Merkel was widely reported to have only tepidly backed his candidacy.
House Speaker Ryan, who tepidly endorsed Trump in an op-ed last week published in the Janesville Gazette, (http://newstalk1130.
Instead of challenging the Leader's interpretations, as it should, the administration has been largely silent, with only the State Department spokesperson tepidly pushing back.
Sammy Ameobi, a study in insouciance for most of this, had his side's best chance, tepidly side-footing toward goal the kind of shot that is inevitably saved and was.
That was nevertheless a respectable debut in a market which, in recent weeks, has greeted new issues tepidly.
Marti's most intriguing sections concern the local dynamic of removing and investigating Reinefarth within the context of 1960s crosscurrents which included the birth of the Central Office for the Investigation for N azi Crimes in Ludwigsburg and West German trials of Holocaust perpetrators, but also popular ambivalence and, in this case, local prosecutors in Flensburg who supported investigation tepidly while exhibiting queasiness concerning prosecution.
They point out that despite the Supreme Leader's over-arching control that has certainly allowed the talks to continue as far as they have, the delay can only feed concern that Khamenei will ultimately do what he did with the Tehran Research Reactor accord proposed in 2009, which was to tepidly endorse the agreement in principle and then turn it down when presented with the full text.
Now founder and chief investment officer of Gavea Investimentos, Fraga represents an opinion widely shared by the economic elite that tepidly endorsed the leftist economic policies of Lula during the country's economic growth spurt but have soured on the PT's fiscal approach in recent years.
14 issue) was tepidly received in its world premiere at California's Marin Theatre Company, and it might not have seen a second and third life (or a $25,000 Harold and Mimi Steinberg/ATCA New Play Award) if not for the sight-unseen commitment from the NNPN theatres--and the additional, paid-for development time.
Wolf is mostly laudatory of the post-crisis measures undertaken in the United States and the United Kingdom, whose economies are growing, albeit tepidly, and observes that their ability to control their own monetary destiny has been key in engineering their recoveries.
An early impetus behind his fame was a lecture tour he made to the United States in 1882, when he was only 27 years old and the author of one tepidly reviewed, self-published volume of verse.
No matter how many times or in how many ways the naysayers in State and the NSC tried to get rid of it, Reagan preserved it and it was the biggest applause line of an otherwise fairly tepidly received speech.
Interestingly, "The Purge" opened tepidly in Blighty before landing with a bigger bang in the U.