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Synonyms for tepid

Synonyms for tepid

lacking warmth, interest, enthusiasm, or involvement

Synonyms for tepid

moderately warm


Related Words

feeling or showing little interest or enthusiasm

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Learn how Keltech engineers confronted the environmental extremes of the high desert plain where ambient temperature conditions range from sub-zero to well above tepid water standards.
Next, take a soft cloth, moistened with tepid water, and clean up the leaves, removing dust or other debris.
Cohen is the best-known of the American skaters, but on Monday she said she isn't thinking about bolstering what has been a tepid U.
Wipe each one (except those with a very furry surface) with a rag soaked in tepid water and you'll be amazed at how much better they look.
Following nine consecutive years with more rapid job and income growth than that of the nation, Georgia's economy was hard-hit by the national recession, beginning in 2001, and recovery has been tepid.
Curtis himself has strip-mined the form, as evident in the last tepid ``Bridget Jones'' movie and the never-ending ``Love Actually.
Humidity can be increased by grouping plants together, placing them on a tray covered with moist gravel or spraying regularly with tepid water.
This is the man whom Californians fear when they voice even tepid support for the death penalty - the man who lacks empathy, knows no remorse, and won't hesitate to kill again should it serve his purpose.
Many reasons are cited for the tepid adoption rates and avoidance, including interoperability issues as many shops have multiple vendors, and hype about solutions that are not production ready.
13 ounces bittersweet chocolate, melted and cooled to tepid
However, the potential for growth of bundled services is only tepid at best, with just 14 percent of non-subscribers expecting to adopt them in the next year, the high-tech market research firm said.
Colletti, 50, and Ng, 36, might be the only serious candidates left after several high-profile ex-GMs accepted other jobs or showed only tepid interest.
For the past few years, the North American and EMEA IVR market has been volatile reflecting the market's downturn due to the tepid IT spending climate.
Although owner Frank McCourt was scheduled to speak by telephone on Friday night with former Texas GM John Hart, there were indications Hart's interest in the job was tepid, at best.
Since leaving prison, Stewart has jumped back into business and now appears on two television shows, which have so far drawn tepid ratings.