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Synonyms for tepid

Synonyms for tepid

lacking warmth, interest, enthusiasm, or involvement

Synonyms for tepid

moderately warm


Related Words

feeling or showing little interest or enthusiasm

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During the tepid recovery, the change in unemployment was quite scattered across states.
That tepid growth we've seen, (the economy) not being able to reach escape velocity, continues to be the story,'' Sorenson said.
economy to recover at a tepid pace in 2012 and 2013-at about 2 and 21/4 percent, respectively-in line with the very slow recoveries that we have seen in previous financial crises and housing busts," said Milesi-Ferretti.
And they are tepid because there are other members of the Security Council who want to keep doing that business with Iran.
He wasn't the only one whose words were squelched by the orchestra: Ziskind's efforts to eliminate laundry lists of thank-you's in acceptance speeches unfortunately didn't succeed, with the result being yet another crop of fairly tepid speeches.
Effort one was two half filled cups of tepid water with slices of lemon on the saucer.
Over the past 12 months, all five BLS construction categories have grown faster than the tepid 1.
In brief, Calligaro begins by suggesting that the woman begin by establishing a baseline of frequency, duration, severity, and triggers of her hot flashes, then try any or all of the following approaches: Paced breathing, regular exercise, black cohash, red clover, soy foods, acupuncture, avoidance of triggers, cessation of smoking, reduce weight until achieving a health weight, bathing/showering in tepid water, and lowering the temperature of surroundings, especially the bedroom.
Although generation may be tepid, it could be matched by an easing of demand that will prevent prices from rising further this summer.
When are the rank-and-file members of the UAW--especially those dissidents who claim they are being sold out by Ron Gettelfinger's tepid "reforms" to the health care plan--going to realize that the domestic auto industry is in danger of collapse?
Elvis Costello and Rufus Wainwright drop by for one vocal turn apiece, injecting the tepid program with some much-needed pathos, but their performances are all too brief; with such talent on tap, it's a shame they weren't asked to pen some rhymes too.
Canadians sat by and watched, embarrassed yet again by a Liberal Government so in thrall to its innate, visceral anti-Americanism that its response--when finally it came--seemed tepid by comparison to Prime Minister Martin's bluster after the recent Asian tsunami disaster.
if a pen has ink in it and is not being used, clean out with tepid water, dry it thoroughly, and store in a dry, soft place There's nothing worse than gunked up ink n your pen when you are trying to use it,"
In his thorough if ultimately tepid biography of the band, David Buckley offers the standard narratives.
The hybrid resembles Frankenstein's monster: tepid Classicism and bombastic streamline awkwardly stitched together.