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a Native American tent

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We took one along to Oswestry Military Vehicle Show as a tepee for our display and the weather was horrendous with squalls of heavy rain and basically everyone started taking shelter under our tepee.
Indoor tepees are taking off in New York, and not just among wide-eyed newcomers nostalgic for home.
When he was two, his mother and some other people squatted a deserted farmhouse within walking distance of the tepees and their house became the commune's unofficial base and washroom.
Farewell Bend also has a pair of tepees (also available at Clyde Holliday, Lake Owyhee and Unity Lake state parks).
His catalog includes custom, semi-permanent structures as well as tepees, wall tents and bedrolls.
A fidgety white-tailed deer feeds near one of the two tepees found on the ranch, surrounded by snowcapped peaks.
FIVE tepees will take centre stage at the Urdd National Eisteddfod in Anglesey as special attention is paid to attracting youngsters.
20,000 First Nation Peoples attended the first Calgary Stampede in 1912, surrounding the city with their tepees.
Bush beans that grow on compact stems and pole beans that clamber up tepees and trellises.
An authentic-looking American Indian village features tepees, crafts and gardens filled with corn, peppers and other crops.
Relive a time when people followed the great buffalo herds, when preparing food and shelter meant pounding berries and meat and scraping hides for tepees.
As Myra said, "Just because we're Navajo, doesn't mean we live in tepees.
Kids heading off for two-week-long summer camp with the San Francisco-based Seven Tepees Youth Program pack some familiar gear: a flashlight, a sleeping bag, a backpack.
Schematized landscapes are dotted with buffalo (some dead), canoes, pine trees, and tepees.