tepary bean

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twining plant of southwestern United States and Mexico having roundish white or yellow or brown or black beans

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Tepary beans sustained native people for thousands of years in the Sonoran Desert, but then nearly disappeared.
Purification and Biochemical characterization of tepary bean (Phaseolus acutifolius) major globulin.
Our goal must be something beyond blue corn chips, tepary bean dips, amaranth candy, sunflower seed snacks and ornamental chiles.
By gorging on prickly pears, tepary beans, wolfberries, mesquite pods, mustard seeds, cholla blossoms and other wild or cultivated foods during the growing season, they managed to consume enough fuel to sustain them through times of drought.
In response, Johnson's organization is harvesting desert foods like tepary beans that were once common among his people.
But in addition to harvesting the desert's natural bounty, the tribes cultivated tepary beans and other vegetables, which probably provided a safety net in lean times, Fowler says.
pigeon peas (a pea-picking nuisance), or tepary beans (huh?
Gary Nabhan, Native Seeds/SEARCH cofounder and researcher, discovered that many traditional Southwest foods--such as tepary beans and cholla cactus buds--help prevent and control diabetes among Native Americans in the region.