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appointed for life and not subject to dismissal except for a grave crime

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Now, to make matters worse, education districts in the US often find themselves with many of these inadequate but tenured teachers and, for fear of fighting the very powerful unions as a result of the money it will cost to settle each individual case, keep them on as substitute teachers on full pay, even if they don't work another day in school again.
The contract would cover tenured and tenured-track faculty members but not the school's 900 "contingent faculty" who are appointed per term.
The appointment of faculty members serving under Tenured Track System on administrative posts such as Vice Chancellor, Director Research, Dean of a Faculty and Head of Department was a prerogative of the syndicates of public sector universities, it said.
At the University of Oregon, 753 faculty members either are tenured or are expected to achieve tenure in coming years.
On 1st October 2013, while taking notice of the Petitioner's main grievance, Justice Siddiqui had directed the Vice Chancellor "to pass some appropriate and speaking order with regard to the appointment of Petitioner as Tenured Associate Professor within one week on the receipt of instant order and till then the process for the selection of Professor at SPIR may not commence.
Hypothesis 1b: There is a significant difference in the measure of ethical leadership between industry segments and also tenured and nontenured faculty.
To meet the new targets, universities began offering buyouts to tenured faculty.
Certificates signed by the Director General were first distributed to the newly tenured in 2008.
These motivators and barriers were more significant for non-tenured faculty than for tenured faculty.
I was reminded of this after reading a few stories about the declining rate of tenured professors, and the debate over whether the tenure model is still a viable one today.
In schools where tenured faculty were cut, they are eligible to bump a non-tenured teacher out of a job at another school, Ms.
He is leaving positions as tenured professor and vice chair for research in the Department of Neurology and tenured professor in the Department of Physiology & Pharmacology at the University of Toledo College of Medicine in Ohio.
Nearly all tenured teachers in many districts receive above-average ratings on formal performance evaluations, according to a new study from the nonprofit teacher-preparation program, the New Teacher Project.
18, 2007, the Service modified its litigating position on cases involving early-retirement payments to tenured faculty members in the Eighth Circuit.
The University of Tennessee at Knoxville is one of the largest public universities in the region, with a total enrollment of 26,100, employing over 8,000 mostly tenured faculty and staff, and with over $130 million in research endowment funding.