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Synonyms for tenuity

relatively small dimension through an object as opposed to its length or width

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a rarified quality

the quality of lacking intensity or substance


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We had long regarded the wanderers as vapory creations of inconceivable tenuity, and as altogether incapable of doing injury to our substantial globe, even in the event of contact.
In the case of carious lesions, this tenuity can lead to extensive destruction, exacerbated by the fact that the prisms have poor cohesion.
And, note, all (the universes) composed of the same matter, matter, all matter being only that thing of inconceivable tenuity through which the various vibrations of waves (electricity, heat, sound, light, etc) are propagated .
James Keeler was the first to voice an objection to Schmidt's theory, responding immediately to Wilczynski's article [12]: "But however difficult it may be for present theories to account for the tenuity of the solar atmosphere immediately above the photosphere, and however readily the same fact may be accounted for by the theory of Schmidt, it is certain that the observer who has studied the structure of the Sun's surface, and particularly the aspect of the spots and other markings as they approach the limb, must feel convinced that these forms actually occur at practically the same level, that is, that the photosphere is an actual and not an optical surface.
What is mine these few thousands death-bearers who turn in circles in this calabash of an island and what in mine too, the archipelago arched with the anxious desire to deny itself, as thought eager to protect with maternal anxiety the more delicate tenuity separating the two Americas; and its flanks secreting for Europe the sweet liquor of a Gulf Stream; and one of the two slopes of incandescence between which the Equator funambulates to Africa.
The hostility among the European nations involved in imperial pursuits, particularly from the mid-nineteenth century on, characterized by regular diplomatic, geo-strategic, and quasi-military tensions frightened and alarmed many Portuguese, who were never incognizant of the tenuity of their colonial empire.
Surely, such loves were too fragile and adventurous to last more than for a moment" (217): some excess in tenuity seems to have been reached there.
As it came nearer to the ribs and spine of the stranded pilchard boat, it became apparent from a certain tenuity in its blackness that this spot possessed four legs: and moment by moment it became more unmistakable that it was composed of the persons of two young men.
This is, at best, paradoxical given the political cachet this tenuity proffers in current academic climes and so it is no coincidence that indeed some positionality--a certain "distanciated" identification, the politics of identity--is eked from this tenuity.
Others may simply believe that the likelihood of such ruptures occurring is in some way proportionate to the tenuity or otherwise of any link with the depositum fidei.
A tenuity in the status of Gaeva Gamu iduhu in Pan is suggested here, too.
Thus, in his 1870 Presidential Address to the British Association, he described different types of scientists and added: `For the sake of persons of these different types, scientific truth should be presented in different forms, and should be regarded as equally scientific, whether it appears in the robust form and the vivid colouring of a physical illustration, or in the tenuity and paleness of a symbolic expression' (Maxwell [1986], p.