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someone who makes or repairs tents

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More on what he found to be the characteristics of an effective tentmaker can be found in chapter 4 of Lai's book Tentmaking: Business as Mission (Colorado Springs, Colo.
Paul's choice to remain a tentmaker was likely an embarrassment to some.
His father was a tentmaker who died when the boy was 12" .
YOU'VE SEEN ITS TENTS AT CIRCUSES and amusement parks, but one tentmaker recently discovered that extending its product line into military matters made necessary a new round of finite element analysis.
While Paul may have been a tentmaker, questions have been raised by some about the likelihood, for this would not seem to be a very portable occupation for a peripatetic evangelist.
Indeed, it's long been rumored that Omar the Tentmaker expanded from home furnishings to plus-size apparel as a means of dealing with such retail demands.
forbidding peaceful, nonthreatening, but uninvited speech from a distance closer than eight feet is a `narrowly tailored' means of preventing the obstruction of entrance to medical facilities (another of the government interests the State asserts) narrow tailoring must refer not to the standards of Versace, but to those of Omar the tentmaker.
At this rate, I'm going to have to hire Omar the tentmaker to make my dresses.
The number of angels on the head of a pin may be subject to dispute; but there can be little doubt about the camel loads of interpretation on this passage which the twentieth century has thought it necessary to carry to the door of the great apostolic tentmaker and his suppliers.
Born at Naishapur, in Khorastan, Iran, as Abu - ' l - fat ' h ' Omar, son of Ibrahim the Tentmaker, Omar adopted as his poetic name the designation of his father's trade, Khayy am.
This Swedish tent company is known as "The Tentmaker," and based on everything I've read, heard, and experienced regarding their products, I'd say the title fits.
Many were fishermen, Paul a tentmaker, Matthew a tax collector:
According to Acts 18, where she is called Priscilla, Prisca is an artisan, a tentmaker, a working-class woman, who collaborates with her husband in their craft.