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The million workers in the nation's wheat fields have worked a hundred days each, and the total product of the labor is a billion bushels, so the value of a bushel of wheat is the tenth part of a farm labor-day.
If a tenth part of what he confessed were true, he was a very loathsome rogue; and the lad's vanity was tickled by the attention of so experienced a man.
There would probably be but the tenth part of an instant left to hear it in, but one would certainly hear it.
The tenth part of the government administration initiatives agreement worth USD 3.
Data center in Sweden is well equipped and has excellent performance, power more than 32 PH/s/ is not comparable with the figures of modern giants, but far ahead of "average performance", the same John McAfee, for example, that to aspire to leadership, without having a tenth part of the specified power.
They force locals to pay oshr (a tenth part of their yield).
One tenth part of equipment and software will arrive in Kyrgyzstan before August 16.
What name was given to the tenth part of a Roman legion, nominally consisting of 600 infantry?
Vowing more than the perfection of ten, and discharging less than the tenth part of one.
Severe injury or loss of penis" is worth pounds 9,077 or twice as much a MP claims on food each year or a tenth part of a city bonus.
So a tithe was a tenth part of the grain or olive harvest, a tenth part of the grape crop, and a tenth part of the animals one raised.
May I have only one tenth part as much faith as I have intellectual conviction where the truth lies
The tenth part of the document provides conclusions and recommendations, which include extending the time allotted for meeting the 60 percent goal to address areas of concern.