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Synonyms for tenth

position ten in a countable series of things

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coming next after the ninth and just before the eleventh in position


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Jolly Pets joining the Tenth Avenue Commerce team means TAC now offers a range of consumer and online products to families and pets.
These rules will apply to tenth standard students in Oman's Indian schools and elsewhere.
Cushman & Wakefield has been tapped to arrange the sale of two recently upgraded, mixed-use properties located on Tenth Avenue in West Chelsea.
So you can find one tenth and multiply that by six.
KARACHI -- : A man who jumped from the on-fire tenth storey of State Life Insurance's building located in Saddar area of the city, passed away at hospital.
Today in the 10 Tevet 5772, the minor fast day known as the Tenth of Tevet.
In December 2010, the Terrapin founders decided to buy out their investors, and took a loan from Tenth and Blake to do it.
On both days of the Arqana sale last week, the highest medians were achieved in the second tenth of the session, the second-best medians were in the last tenth and the third-best were in the third-last tenth.
In advance of PBS airing Ken Burns' The Tenth Inning, Maury Brown, the founder and president of the Business of Sports Network, which includes BizofBaseball.
This February, around 300 conservative activists and candidates gathered at the Atlanta airport Hilton to celebrate the Tenth Amendment, the oft-overlooked constitutional provision that's become the philosophical underpinning of opposition to everything--from bank bailouts to federal gun laws to the new health care bill.
The epigraphic record for the tenth century in the central and southern Canaanite interior is woefully sparse.
Word History: In earlier English, our name for a coin worth a tenth of a dollar meant simply "a tenth part" of something.
Blackstone-Millville Regional: Brigid Thompson, ninth; Amanda Chamberlin, ninth; Matthew Moran, tenth.
Along with her companions and Keela, a princess of dubious loyalty, Caldwyn sets off to learn more of the mysterious Tenth Power, a chantment outside of the nine known, which may stop the evil magic consuming the land.
But whether the body, dubbed 2003 UB313, qualifies as our sun's tenth known planet is a matter of intense debate.