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one of a series of hooks used to hold cloth on a tenter

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Tenterhook posts were used to stretch and dry washed woollen cloth in textile mills and the term "on tenterhooks" comes from the metal hooks attached to the posts.
So if you're on tenterhooks, metaphorically, you're stretched, strained, suspended.
He said: "On a recent visit I tried to find the Grade II listed tenterhook posts at Marsden.
Lord Justice Scott Baker, sitting with Mr Justice Jack and Mr Justice Mitting, told the court how the trouble between the men started when Mr Waiver had a fight with O'Hare's brother in the Tenterhook some days before the attack.
Ian and Jane are on tenterhooks when the social worker calls to talk about baby Beth.
20pm NEW SERIES The Christmas special left fans on tenterhooks - have Elliot and Chloe finally called time on their relationship?
You'll be on tenterhooks until tomorrow night's episode when we find out who that is.
New Delhi, June 9 ( ANI ): A blistering heat wave continued to persist in the national capital region on Monday, keeping residents on tenterhooks.
The relationship between the two international forces is on tenterhooks.
BOSSES at Bodnant Garden are on tenterhooks over whether the famous Laburnum Arch will flower early this spring.
government shutdown entered its second week, leaving investors on tenterhooks with politicians in Washington making little headway in agreeing on a deal to avoid a historic U.
Everyone's on tenterhooks, hoping the cats will be on their best behaviour, but they're not.
The Syrian beauty has also refused to give fans a release date so they will be waiting on tenterhooks in the meantime .
Global Banking News-August 13, 2012--Swiss banks on tenterhooks waiting for US reaction(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
00pm) The day of reckoning arrives at Kirke University, and the faculty members remain on tenterhooks as George delivers her verdict.